What is PRAN – Complete Guide about PRAN for NPS

PRAN is known as a permanent Retirement Account number. This bought with an intention to provide retirement income and encourage saving among citizens.

The National Pension System was launch initially for only government employees, later it made available to everyone, who can invest a sum of money regularly which will be useful after their retirement.

In this scheme, the government contributes a sum of money which collaborated with an investment of individuals which sums in the PRAN account. Every NPS scheme holder does have an individual number which does help them manage their pension account by linking all your basic details.


What is PRAN

The Permanent Retirement Account number or 12-digit Permanent Retirement benefit number which is allocated for an employee for a lifetime on subscription to National Pension Scheme (NPS) is PRAN, and this is accessible all over India, irrespective of how many companies the employee changes.

  • This is a retirement savings which can’t withdrawn
  • It is a voluntary savings facility which equally contributed by government
  • An NPS subscriber does must have the PRA number

How to Apply for PRAN?

The applications PRAN made under NSDL portal, the documents submitted to the point of presence service provider, and You need to get the contact of POP-SP to submit registration form, where the process of activation is fully offline as you need to visit the respective office and submit your updated form.

  1. Corporate employees must attach CS-S1 duly filled with minimum contribution of Rs.500 for Tier 1 and 100 for Tier 2.
  2. Application form along with Photograph, Scheme Preference Details and Required KYC documents
  3. PAN and Bank Details along with active Mobile number & Email are mandatory
  4. The Successful submission of PRAN Form will send you an SMS & email to the registered number with CRA.
  5. On Successful Registration, the PRAN number allocated to the respective employee.
  6. Thus this may used for future communication with NSDL portal through. Make sure you save the recipient number which generated to check your status online.

How to Check PRAN Status Online?

The PRAN registration may take 20days from date of receipt and employee can check status with the 17-digit receipt number.

  1. Visit the National Pension System Online Website enps.nsdl.com/eNPS/NationalPensionSystem.html
  2. Reach to the Track status page after scrolling down the page
  3. Select the Type and enter the number twice
  4. Fill the Captcha code and click on submit button
  5. That’s it, the PRAN status shown on screen which is permanent card for your employment for the NPS scheme.

Is PRAN Online Registration possible?

No, as per date the online registration under the NPS scheme not updated, and thus the employee of government or private sector must reach to their nearest NSDL or Nodal office and fill the application form to offline submission.

Whom to contact for PRAN card non-receipt?

The PRAN card may dispatched to the employee communication address after 20 days of issue. In case the PRAN card not received, the employee must reach the CRA NPS official website. Check the status online to check where their card held.

How to edit the details in NPS PRAN Account?

In case you see that your details updated wrongly, then you can visit the nearest Nodal office. Fill out the correction form to update your details. After that the details for NPS must be all like the government ID proof which helps you in future after retirement for easy check-out of money.

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