Get PRAN Number – Know Your PRAN Card Status Online

How to get PRAN Number and How to know your PRAN Number registration status for NPS account, Find the detailed information about Permanent Retirement Account Number…

Permanent Retirement Account Number is a 12-digit unique number that allocates to an individual who registered with the National Pension Scheme, and once the NPS account is created for an individual, they have an option to get their PRAN Card offline.

In future connection with your Pension related scheme, this PRAN will be a must and it holds all your linked KYC documents useful while retirement and It is necessary to save your PRAN, as you will require to log in online and as well to know your balance in an NPS account.

Once a Permanent Retirement Account Number allocates with your KYC, this cannot changed thus you can note this number as a permanent reference.

How to Get PRAN Number

PRAN for NPS account allocated by the NSDL nodal officer after reviewing all your provided KYC documents, and thus this will take 7 working days after submission of your NPS application form.

So to have your unique Permanent Retirement Account number, you need to get yourself register with the NPS scheme by providing all your KYC documents, PAN, Aadhaar, Date of Birth, Photograph.

How to Know your PRAN Number

If you register with NPS and are still in the process to know your PRAN, then do follow these steps and know your updated number. Make sure you have got the Acknowledgement number generates while registration with NPS in NSDL portal.

  1. Visit NSDL official portal at

    Here you can find multiple options related to NPS scheme

  2. Click PRAN Application Status

    Scroll down and click on PRAN Application Status or Subscriber Registration Status

  3. Make sure you select with Acknowledgement number

    The Subscriber Registration Request Status page may load now

  4. Enter your PRN Acknowledgement number

    A next column is an option, which you can find in receipt

  5. Enter the Captcha Code > Click on Search to fetch your details

    The Portal will read your acknowledgement number and get update about the PRAN status. The number shown in status may noted as you can directly fetch your status using the number as well.

How to Track PRAN Dispatch Status

  1. Open the URL
  2. Select New Registered PRAN or Re-issued PRAN or Re-issued Password/T-PIN
  3. Enter PRAN or PPAN
  4. Provide Captcha
  5. Click Submit
  1. Do we have an option to get a second PRAN Number?

    The answer to this question is strict No, As the employee associates with any company might have their change in employment which can’t update regularly in the NPS portal. Thus the unique PRAN may allocate must use by employees till their retirement.

  2. How to Activate my PRAN Number?

    The individual having the PRAN needs to login to the National Pension System portal. A minimum contribution of INR 500 has to pay by filling your PRAN and Date of birth to start your NPS account which parallelly activates your PRAN.

  3. Can I Change my Mobile Number associated with PRAN Number?

    Yes, employees can anytime get register their mobile number for change by visiting the nearby Nodal office, By submitting the correction form, they can update the new mobile number by providing the Supporting KYC document for reference.

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