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Find Platinum rate today (19.04.2024) in India as per commodity live market applicable for traders, investors, Check Platinum Price History for long period…

Platinum is one of the rarest elements that is mostly used in terms of jewellery. It is one of the most important commodities used by Traders and Investors. As the rate of Platinum does have a rising graph always like mentioned below.

Platinum Rate Today

WeightPrice in Rupees (INR)
Platinum Price per Gram2472.00
5 Grams12360.00
10 Grams24720.00
1 Ounce76887.79
1 Kilogram2472000.00
Platinum Price Today 19.04.2024

It comes under the precious metal family including gold, silver, and other commodities, and the production of Platinum is just a fraction when compared to Silver and Gold, which is a combination of Nickel and Copper mining.

Platinum Price

The increase in demand of commodities in the market, the rate of Platinum also gets to know always in high graphs. The investors do always prefer the commodity market instead of mutual funds which don’t guarantee the returns.

Platinum is a growing choice of Jewelry materials all around the world and if you are also looking to get yourself or your family a Platinum ring or other jewelry set then finding out Platinum price today would be important. As you know, it is a fancy material which has a particular shine to it which is why it is second most favorite to Gold to everyone.

Platinum Price History

Date1Gm Cost10Gms Price
13 Sep 2023247224720
30 July 2023247224720
09 June 2023270527050
05 June 23266226620

Factors Affecting Platinum Rate

There are numerous factors that make a clear impact on Platinum Rate in the market, thus knowing this will let you know how actually Platinum is important and preferred.

  • South Africa Mining: The major portion of Platinum comes from South Africa; thus the price of Platinum will change with the South Africa market and their regular production.
  • Technological Development: The Development in Electrical vehicles does involve a major portion of Platinum in their building. This needs Platinum in a major portion which increases its demand.
  • Gold Price Change: It is seen that Gold Price increases in history to the mark of sky level every day. This hike makes individual questions to buy it, thus the Platinum in this aspect becomes the better option for individuals in terms of jewelry.

Is Platinum good for investment?

Yes, Platinum is a part of major essential commodities in the market which has a rising demand always with having a direct demand, and thus have invested in Platinum Bars or Coins, will give a good share on return with major profit in future.

How much does 1Gm of Platinum Cost?

The current cost of 1Gm of Platinum is 2586 as of 19th June, 2023 and the cost will change from time to time.

Is Platinum Cheaper than Gold?

Yes, Platinum is cheaper than Gold because 1g of Platinum is 2586 whereas 1g of Gold is 5921.70

Can I Prefer Platinum Metal as Jewellery?

Platinum is now being used for jewellery which has risen in demand in the commodity market, and having used Platinum as jewellery is now a trend and there is no loss if you proceed to buy jewellery which is fully made of Platinum.

Is Platinum more precious than Gold?

Platinum is now the most valued metal of All in the world, making it costlier than Gold. This metal is rare in markets that always have a high demand that directly impacts its price, and platinum being a rare metal. It is preferred than Gold which makes you step higher in the market.

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