Copper Price Updated per Kg with Spot Rates and History

Copper is known as the economic health Indicator of the nation and it stands the same for India, as Copper Price has been increasing almost by 15% Year on Year which is great for anyone looking for Investment. But before you do so, you would need to understand the spot copper price.

Do look at the copper price today and compare it with yesterday, week and month basis to understand the dip or increase to invest accordingly.

Copper Price History

Particulars Copper Price per Kg in Rs
Copper Price Today648
07.09.2022 643
06.09.2022 641
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One more good indicator for someone investing in copper is that the market lot has increased to 2,500 tons of copper across the Nation. On the contrary, the bid size has been increasing as the tons of copper being exported from the nation is said to increase as well.

  1. What is the Rate of 1Kg Copper in India?

    The rate of 1kg Copper is Rs.648 as on 08.09.2022.

  2. Is Copper Valuable Right Now?

    Yes, it is used across lots of different processes and rates are standard as well which makes it a valuable material.