Aluminum Price History in India & Spot Rate

Aluminum is a scalable mineral wealth and with over a decade high increase in the spot Aluminium price for buying and investments has started pouring in as well. This is because the market size has grown drastically and the spot Aluminum price mentioned as below per Kg.

Considering you would want to buy Aluminum or invest in some company already dealing you should Mann Aluminum Ltd and National Aluminum for India, whereas MXC for International.

Whereas the Mann Aluminum rates differentiated, and the difference is made as you invest in the company directly and the rates range find as below.

Allumimium Price History

Date Rate in Rs / KGChange in %
17.09.22 2021.04
16.09.22 200-2.3
14.09.22 200 -2.08
13.09.22 204 0.15
12.09.22 204 -0.71
11.09.22 202 0.49
10.09.22 2010.07
09.09.22 2010
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  1. What is the current price of Aluminum per kg?

    The current price of Aluminum is Rupees 210 per kg in India as on .

  2. Why is the price of aluminum so high?

    Aluminum price is at Rs 210 per kg which is not high when taken into consideration how it is used.