PPF Interest Rate History from 1986 to 31st March 2021

Here is the confirmed PPF Interest rate table announced by Government of India till launch of the scheme, check the old and current interest rates applicable to Public Provident Fund account holders of SBI, Post Office or other banks and find whether it is credited in your account as per the announcement and also check how much interest you may get at the end of financial year with new PPF calculator…

PPF Interest Rate

It is to be understood that when you open your PPF account either at a bank, post office or other financial service, and you will be given a determined interest rate that will be applicable all across the year and throughout your PPF scheme term.

If you want to know the current interest rate of PPF then you should contact the service like your bank, post office or financial service to learn more about it, where most of the times the Public Provident Fund interest rate is somewhere between 7.8% to 8.0% only and it may also drop to a certain level due to change in National budget and the economy.

But all this information can be available at your registered office, and during the period of 2016 – 2017, the interest rates on the public provident fund scheme was around 8.1 % to 8.7%, which has been brought down to 7.8% to 8.0%.

Every year new budget is given and in the same budget plan they will release information regarding the PPF scheme interest rates, and the amount added in PPF account will always be an option to apply for an exemption in Income Tax for similar year.

This is a secure guaranteed return with no risk being involved Government of India, Let have a look at interest rates offered to Public Provident Fund account holders since its launch to current date as mentioned in the below table from 1986 to the current PPF interest rate.

PPF Rate of Interest

From To PPF Interest Rate
01.04.2020 31.03.2021 7.1%
01.07.2019 31.03.20207.90%
01-10-201830-06-2019 8%
27-12-201730-09-2018 7.60%
01-07-2017 26-12-2017 7.80%
01-04-2017 30-06-2017 7.90%
01-10-201631-03-2017 8%
01-04-2016 30-09-2016 8.10%
01-04-2013 31-03-2016 8.70%
01-04-2012 31-03-2013 8.80%
01-12-2011 31-12-2012 8.60%
01-03-2003 30-11-2011 8%
01-03-2002 28-02-2003 9%
01-03-2001 28-02-2002 9.50%
15-01-2000 28-02-2001 11%
01-04-1986 14-01-2000 12%

Investors can also check some of the disadvantages indicated on PPF scheme before or after investing the scheme, but the advantages are more beneficial than the other, so investors are continuing on the safest bet offered by Government of India.