Zinc Price 2024 and History

Zinc is a well used and one of the infamous metals used across all Industries from small to big and being aware of its standing in the market is essential as well. Zinc price in India has increased over the last years and it has shown significant increase year on year.

Zinc Price

DatePrice in Rs Per KG (1000 Grams)
11 Dec 2023216
27 Nov 2023231
17 Nov 2023230

So, if you are looking to invest in Zinc, then understanding the MXC zinc price or Zinc price would be reasonable on the way as they are two of the biggest providers of Zinc in the market.

Zinc Price
Zinc Price

The way you can easily understand when to invest is to know the Zinc price today and look at its comparison day by day, month by month as well.

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As you might understand, there are a lot of investors who invest in ZInc by kg wise which is why keeping a note of Zinc rate per kg is essential as well.

What is Zinc price today?

Zinc price today as on19.04.2024 per kg shown as Rs253.

What is Zinc worth in 2022?

Zinc worth in 2022 is staggering compared to the first half of 2021 by -34%.

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