Silver Rate Today (Live Price Updated)

Find the updated silver rate today as 23.04.2024 as per live silver market volatility in India for each gram to an ounce and kilogram price, also check what is silver hallmarking…

The Demand for Silver always rises every day in China and India, as the raising Gold rate has shifted the Investor’s interest in Silver metal, and thus having a good demand in industries along with the most valuable jewelry and silverware,

Silver is one such that comes under commodities including Gold, platinum, and other valuable precious items, thus Market always offers an individual to invest in Commodity Market rather than moving to equity or mutual funds which don’t stand still every time, and will provide the today silver rate as per the live market, Let’s check as below

Silver Price Today

WeightSilver Price in Rs.
1 gram80.41
2 grams160.82
5 grams402.06
1 Ounce2501.06
1 Kilogram (KG)80411.00
Lowest Silver Rate Today / Kg81006
Highest Price Today81205 Per kg
Silver Price 23 Apr 2024
Silver Rate Today

Silver is a precious metal along with inductive metal, which is mostly imported in India, and the Metal is Ductile, Lustrous, Malleable and a good conductor of electricity, and the rate of Silver increase day by day, so you may check today rate in a commodity market before buying.

What is Silver Hallmarking?

Hallmarking is a process that officially determines the quality of metal like Gold and Silver, and any metal bought as an ornament or for any purpose will be officially stamped with Hallmark after texting its purity, thus buying Silver with Hallmark makes it more valuable without any added extra metals.

Do we need to Pay Tax for Buying Silver?

Yes, anything that is in the commodity market does have a minimum service tax declared by the government, thus if you buy silver you will have to pay the Service Tax which goes directly to government interns of exchange money.

What are the benefits of Buying Silver?

As it is seen and already known that Silver always has an increase in its Market value, and the increase in Gold in the market always makes Silver Affordable with an increase in demand, and thus buying Silver at a certain rate as per the current date, will make its price double or more after a certain period.

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