DA Rates in Tamilnadu with New Table for Government Employees

DA rates in Tamilnadu updated for new pay scales, Find sanctioned revised DA rates from Jan 2016 to till date in Tamilnadu applicable to above 16 lakhs State Government employees, Teachers and Pensioners / Family Pensioners in Tamilnadu who will benefit through new DA rates in Tamilnadu.

An expenditure of above 7100 crores+ said to add state budget every year for hikes made to benefit government employees. Revised budget released for enhanced DA Rates in Tamilnadu to all government pensioners and employee at the time implemented.

In a recent announcement, this was clear that the TN DA percentage was implemented from July 2023 which may shown in TN payslip for the latest salary.

The below DA table Tamil Nadu Government indicates period-wise increased DA percentage in Tamil Nadu as per 7th pay commission along with applicable TN DA percentage for Pre 2016 and Pre 2006 pay scales.

DA Rates in Tamilnadu
DA Rates in Tamilnadu

DA Table Tamil Nadu Government

Dearness Allowance fromTotal DA % for post 2016Pre 2016 Pay Scales %Pre 2006 Pay Scales %
01.01.20 / 01.07.20, 01.01.21, 01.07.21 (Freeze period)17

You may check the official page cms.tn.gov.in for new circulars relates to current DA rate in Tamilnadu at https://www.tn.gov.in/go_view/dept/9

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Usually the state government announces the TN DA percentage hike soon after the memo released by the central government, but the Tamilnadu State Government has changed the scenario and made their effective later from the Union government DA hike date as per the local condition for DA rates in Tamilnadu.

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