SBI Credit Card Complaint in 6 Ways for Grievance Redressal

File your SBI credit card complaint for dispute settlement, fraud complaints, block the card or to close on lost, Here is the different ways to reach the concerned desk at customer care for grievance redressal on SBI credit card…

SBI Credit Card Complaint

State Bank of India is a prestigious banking service of India and thus it always tries to convince their customers in every way, and customer of SBI who has an account and doesn’t have an account but holds an SBI credit card can use the service of customer care anytime.

This service is available for everyone to lodge a complaint in regards of SBI credit card, and the complaint can be in terms of limit increase or loss of card or to Close SBI Credit Card or any query you have using your SBI credit card, and thus to get belief and smooth running of banking service, SBI does gives a high privilege to their customer by providing 24 * 7 service.

SBI Credit card Complaint

There are multiple approaches that can be used by State Bank of India customers to reach the service center to file an SBI Complaint on any product and thus make use of the below-given process and get your SBI credit card Complaint registered to get your issue resolved as early as possible.

SBI Credit Card Complaint Ways

Type of ServiceGrievance Register @
Toll Free Number18001801290
Mobile Number (Paid Service)STD Code + 39020202
Online Servicechat bot at
Through SMSSend SMS as PROBLEM to 921250888
On Twittertwitter@sbicard_connect
SBI Credit Card Complaint Modes
  • Toll Free Number: SBI credit card toll free 18001801290 can be used by anyone who is having a Credit Card irrespective of having a State Bank of India Account, and thus during the call you need to verify your card number, PIN, and Date of birth as registered with banking details to proceed.
  • Mobile Number: customers can also use paid number 39020202, which is accessible from anywhere, and thus this is a landline number and needs your respective State code to be added as a prefix to dial the call.
  • Online Service: visit the online official website of SBI credit card to make your query registered from there, and you need to fill in your compliant details and as per the query priority an executive will reach you in 2 working days.
  • Email Service: Use the official email address of the SBI credit card as to send an email with your query, and the email body should contain your SBI credit card number, name, the mobile number registered with SBI credit card, and Date of birth for verification with your query.

How Can I Block my SBI credit card?

SBI credit card can avail SMS service in case you want to block your SBI credit card due to any means then you can avail this SMS service from registered mobile number by sending an SMS to 5676791 with content as SMM BLOCK 4 digits of Card.

How to Close my SBI credit card Account?

Customers are anytime free to close their account related to SBI credit card and thus they need to write an Email to official email address or make a call to customer care helpline number to place a request for closer of SBI credit card, where the cards will be deactivated once all the pending due payments are paid.

How Can I Connect with an SBI credit card on Twitter?

To connect with SBI credit card on Twitter handle, customers can use @SBICard_Connect Hashtag to address the official state bank of India credit card department.

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  1. This is regarding my SBI credit card being blocked, I have sent several emails with all the information/document attached to unblock my card as I need to do urgent payments. As I cannot visit the home branch personally due to covid19 travel restrictions I have instructed my family member to do the follow-up. I called up the helpline numbers as well, but no reply until today. Authorities please help. Its urgent.

  2. Dear sir
    I have all ready paid of my credit card bill then reply massage for your site total credit limit show, But cheating with me

  3. i have blocked my Credit card by sbi card online in april 2020. I thought it was block because it hasnot sent any credit card statement for several months . Now past 3- 4 months they are sending me the annual charges and penalising me by putting interest . Please block my Credit card asap . I have filed a complaint on sbi online site but no reply . And no toll free number . Pathetic service . Block my Card asap. Feel free to contact 9599597379
    Shivam Gupta

  4. Your customer care services and your credit card service is very poor I have already block my card before 3 year but today I have received mail your sbi creadit statement I have very shocked say I have already blocked my card.

  5. below complaint, no are given below but till the time I am not clear what I am doing many time call customer no and the city no not running and SMS no nor run which mention wrong no for customer unsatisfactory.

    your service is very very poor, plz update me on my complaint

    • எனது அனுமதி பெறாமல் பாலிசிகளை புதுப்பித்தல்????

  6. Sir
    I refused SBI prime card offer by SBI card 9.10.20, But my account update the new prim card I am doing complain many times. Sir please I am not interested in your prime card to convert my simply save Visa card.

  7. Dear SBI Team,

    Please find the below mention account has been paid the total amount as per your executive word but still it is but still showing pending in Sibel m trying to close this issue from 6 months m coming to the Head office which is located in Begumpet but still there is no resolution and even if I try for an entire day I will get a call once in a week and that day also they are not giving proper Information, I was fed up with the SBI card m planning for some loan if it’s missed because of this SBI I will come to SBI head office after forwarding this mail to commissioner this is my last Hope Please you can call me anytime 24/7 to my register number 7386543521.
    PFA call recordings of ur call center and my card details also in attachment.
    Regards Fedup customer Mahesh Bugga

  8. Dear sbi card
    i have purchase mi tv pro my oder chancel so cancel oder chages has been debit in my credit balance

    kindly immidetly refund

    best regards

  9. Dear Sir,I am a customer of SBI credit Card from January, 2020 and also SBi account holder from the last 20 years. the credit card which was issued to me without formality and every discussion was only on whatsapp by Ms. Swati, a bank employee contact no 7088852128. I send her my photograph and all other documents on my phone and the credit card after verification on the telephone issued to me. I am also using the credit card of HDFC bank. From January onward, i paid all bills on or before due dates (Can check the details of my bill deposited dates, attached also snapshot), but in several bills i found that the penalty is imposed in it. I several times asked about customer care, also mailed to you all but fortunately i informed you that due to insufficient funds it happened and my auto debit facility is opened in my account, while i never requested to open it and also nobody informed me. Then, I requested to close the auto debit facility, after several requests it probably closed but it can be checked only by bankers.Yesterday i received a bill in which again Rs. 590 was added as penalty, the last date of bill was Aug.5.2020; while i deposited it on August, 4th, 2020. As i said i am also using an HDFC bank Credit card from the last two years, i never found any  problem with that one. I am really hopeless now from using the Credit card of SBI, probably in the last six months, I deposited thousands of rupees as penalty, while all bills deposited on time/on or before dates given on the bill. In my one conversation with the customer care she convinced me that every amount will return back, (i also sent in my previous mail), but probably the principal nodal officers or other officers never go through by mail. Due to much frustration, I am puzzled now, It is therefore requested to kindly waive off the entire amount penalty imposed (all bills are timely paid by me still i am facing penalties in it) otherwise i will close the credit card. Penalties paid 1. 07.03.20202. 05.04.20203. 04.06.20204. 05.08.2020and moreThe deposited details of bills are attached with the request mail. It is therefore requested to kindly go through the mail and do needful.With regards
    S. Gupta(9639007577)

  10. Dear SBI CC Team,

    I am using your SBI credit card for 5+ years. It’s a good service, But nowadays its become west service. My problem was, I lost my registered mobile number which was noted in your register, I tried to update a new number, I have sent a lot of mails and did a lot of calls to your customer care centers, But I dint get proper help, Suddenly I got a mail from your team saying my card got blocked, Which I didn’t get information from your team.

    Later many followups ur people are given new online cards and after few days same got blocked and sent a mail for payment. Same I dint get any information. Every time in the mail I am providing my new number and asking for a call back to your team. But no use.

    Now I want to activate my card. Who will help in this, Details 0f my card : Register Mobile number: 8792838254
    New mobile number : 9513335990, Please check and activate my card on a priority basis.


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