SBI Credit Card Complaint in 6 Ways for Grievance Redressal

File your SBI credit card complaint for dispute settlement, fraud complaints, block the card or to close on lost, Here is the different ways to reach the concerned desk at customer care for grievance redressal on SBI credit card…

SBI Credit Card Complaint

State Bank of India is a prestigious banking service of India and thus it always tries to convince their customers in every way, and customer of SBI who has an account and doesn’t have an account but holds an SBI credit card can use the service of customer care anytime.

This service is available for everyone to lodge a grievance in regards of SBI credit card, and the grievance can be in terms of limit increase or loss of card or to Close SBI Credit Card or any query you have using your SBI credit card, and thus to get belief and smooth running of banking service, SBI does gives a high privilege to their customer by providing 24 * 7 service.

There are multiple approaches that can be used by State Bank of India customers to reach the service center to file an SBI Complaint on any product and thus make use of the below-given process and get your SBI credit card Complaint registered to get your issue resolved as early as possible.

SBI Credit Card Complaint Ways

Type of Service Grievance Register @
Toll Free Number 18001801290
Mobile Number (Paid Service) STD Code + 39020202
Online Service chat bot at
Email Service
Through SMS Send SMS as PROBLEM to 921250888
On Twitter twitter@sbicard_connect
SBI Credit Card Complaint Modes
  • Toll Free Number: SBI credit card toll free 18001801290 can be used by anyone. This is from those who is having a Credit Card irrespective of having a State Bank of India Account. During the call you need to verify your card number, PIN, and Date of birth as registered with banking details to proceed.
  • Mobile Number: customers can also use paid number 39020202, which is accessible from anywhere, and thus this is a landline number and needs your respective State code to be added as a prefix to dial the call.
  • Online Service: visit the online official website of SBI credit card to make your query registered from there, and you need to fill in your compliant details and as per the query priority an executive will reach you in 2 working days.
  • Email Service: Use the official email address of the SBI credit card as to send an email with your query, and the email body should contain your SBI credit card number, name, the mobile number registered with SBI credit card, and Date of birth for verification with your query.
  1. How Can I Block my SBI credit card?

    SBI credit card can avail SMS service in case you want to block your SBI credit card due to any means then you can avail this SMS service from registered mobile number by sending an SMS to 5676791 with content as SMM BLOCK 4 digits of Card.

  2. How to Close my SBI credit card Account?

    Customers are anytime free to close their account related to SBI credit card. Thus they need to write an Email to official email address or make a call to customer care helpline number to place a request for closer of SBI credit card. The cards will may deactivated once all the pending due payments are paid.

  3. How Can I Connect with an SBI credit card on Twitter?

    To connect with SBI credit card on Twitter handle, customers can use @SBICard_Connect Hashtag to address state bank of India credit card department.

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67 thoughts on “SBI Credit Card Complaint in 6 Ways for Grievance Redressal”

  1. I got a SBI credit card last January, Processing charge paid. But 01.02.203 i went State Bank Of India, Attur, Salem.(D.T). Ask At credit card section i safe my card,so insurance amout is not paid. Staff get my cell and customer care pass the message their. After 20 minutes i have a call my number and say customer care insurance amount will not pay from you, within feb closed. then ask 2 times otp number.

    But not come any message to me. then mail show Rs.4540, Rs.47,180. Then march month pay Due Amount from collection Department. I am not use card. then Daily collecion cell 3 to 4 times taurcher to me. I have a mental worries. Iam not use card not get money.

    same credit card section I complaint 13.3.2023, cyber crime, Charge back. but After one month the section staff say we are Dont know. we are not respond. Go where Purchase credir card. This is spoiled State bank of india. Thank you.

  2. Whoever is reading this, I beg of you please get rid of this SBI Credit Card if you can ASAP and if you are planning to go for one, forgot it and go with some other bank. I canceled my SBI Prime Card 3 months ago after settling all dues and even got a confirmation from the SBI Credit Card but I’m still dealing with SBI credit card cause they keep sending me statements every month asking to pay.

    It started with a thousand and now its almost 2 thousand cause they keep increasing Rs. 500 every month. If you call them it takes forever to speak to someone and you get no response to any email you send to their worthless, useless, and pathetic support. I am told that they do this deliberately to squeeze more money out of people. So for the love of God stay away from SBI credit cards.

  3. Dear SBI Card Team,

    Dear Team,

    Requesting you to kindly check and cancel the fraud transactions of SBI cards fraud online transcation from your beck sever which done by me and reverse the amount of 65000 kindly check and do the needful.

    This is with reference to your Service Request No. 1213403642342 raised for dispute on transaction of 65000 made on 12/11/2022 at AMAZON PAY INDIA PRIVATET560055 IN with SBI Credit Card number ending XXXXXXXXXXXX29

    Note: Kindly do not procees this transcation kindly cancel this is fraud transcation and update on this Date:12.11.2022 around 8 pm.

    Nitin More

  4. Sbi credit card company doing fraud they are looting public hard earned money. I also never used their card and writing for close but they are deducting my money every month. Consumer should come forward and lodge PIL against this Sbi card company

    • same thing they are doing i have closed my card 3 year back and still they are sending me outstanidng annual with late fee finance charge its fraud company never use this card

  5. हेलो सर मेरा नाम सचिन जैन है सर मुझे क्रेडिट कार्ड एसबीआई का दिया गया था जिसमें बहुत ज्यादा ब्याज और ब्याज के ऊपर ब्याज लगाया जा रहा है चक्रवर्ती ब्याज लगाया जा रहा है मैं बहुत परेशान हूं मैं कस्टमर केयर को फोन करता हूं कि मेरा सेटलमेंट कर दिया जाए लेकिन बैंक वाले मेरा सेटलमेंट नहीं कर रहा है आपसे निवेदन है कि मुझे सेटलमेंट करवाएं ताकि मैं ब्याज से बचें हर महीने ₹20000 ब्याज दिया जा रहा है मैं बहुत परेशान हूं मुझे फोन किया जा रहा है उसे धमकाया जा रहा है मेरी आर्थिक स्थिति ठीक नहीं है मैं चाहता हूं बैंक सेटेलमेंट करके मेरा कार्ड खत्म करें और मुझे इस समस्या से राहत मिले धन्यवाद आप मेरी मदद करें आपका एहसान होगा मैं आपका हमेशा आभारी रहूंगा गरीब किसान सचिन

  6. Dear Sbi,
    I inform you that I was using sbi card but unfortunately need to settle my card. I settled by your representive name was Hemant. he settled and told me letter sent soon but I paid all amt. but letter not getting by Hemant. Now told i left the job. plz contact to sbi, but sbi not response for this incident, what can solve my issues, plz suggest..

  7. hai
    i have applied for credit card yet not received to me but in online it showing and my credit score is reduced due to this please block my card my number. please call me regrading these issues.

  8. card ka bola tha 500 se 600 thak yearly ayega bill, lakin eksath 6000appox. ka bill aya galt care delivered kar diya tha. bar bar bolne per bhi nahi sun raha hai.

  9. Sbi card ग्राहको को लुटने का नायाब तरीका‌ है..मैनै कार्ड लिया और कुछ भी खरीदी नहीं किया..फीर भी मुझे 16000रु भरने को कहा…बीना कुछ करे मेरा सिबीक खराब कर दिया..6महिनेसे फोन पर सभी नंबर डायल करे….परेशानी हाथमें लगी..नजदीक के शाखामे गया…परेशानी हाथ लगी..स्टेट बैंक परेशानी का दुसरा नाम है..अच्छा है..मोदी इसे भी बेंच दे…छुटकारा हो जायेगा सभी नंबर वक्त और डाटा,बैटरी खतम करने के लिए है…सावधान रहे…सुरक्षित रहे…

  10. I am all reedy temporary card block. 28052022 compliant customer care resolved date.07052022.
    Iam problem not salved , Please card un block


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