Close SBI Credit Card in Online or Offline with Latest Process

How to close SBI credit card permanently in online or offline, Check the steps to process the application at the branch, customer care, and the portal, Also find the status in online if having cancellation reference number, Check closing charges imposed on the customer to close SBI credit card…

How to Close SBI Credit Card

Customers of State Bank of India can anytime close their active credit card, where the request to close the credit card should be taken through offline or online mode after completion of all necessary checks by the authority. For this the customer may first submit their application for closure of active credit card, then the process will be as follows

Once a request has been placed, the customer should cut the SBI Card into two prices and thus the process of cancellation will be done once due amounts being calculated, and SBI provides an easy way to use all its features using Credit Card and if you are willing to get this closed, then you can move with Online Process or Offline Process or closer as preferred.

Offline Process to Close SBI Credit Card

Customers need to visit the SBI branch and provide them all details of the card in a written letter, and they should also fill an offline application form to close the credit card by giving all relevant information asked, and thus, submission of the form will begin your closing process and will take the termination of credit card respectively.

Any due or outstanding amount will be notified by the bank executive and once due is cleared the Account closure will be automatically processed, and the customers will be notified through Mobile Number and Email address provided once the termination of the card is done, and thus, customer credit card accounts will be closed by removing users from the SBI credit card list.

How to Close SBI Credit Card Online

Customers who are willing to close the state bank credit card, can call the State Bank credit card service number, and once a call has been received by a concerned executive, the details of the card should be provided along with a request to Closer.

1860 180 1290

If no dues are pending, in less than 48 hours the credit card will be terminated and thus closed, where the customer do not forget to take service number for future reference and as well a confirmation message will be sent to mobile once successful closure has been done.

If the credit card customer having a registered account in the official web portal, then may automatically submit an SBI credit card complaint for closure online on login with their credentials. Choosing any process leads to closure with in the stipulated time to close the SBI credit card, and let’s have a look at the following FAQs with suitable answers provided by

What if my Outstanding Balance is still pending?

To close an existing credit card the outstanding balance should be paid and cleared, and If a request is raised, until the balance is cleared, the Credit card will be deactivated but will be put on hold for closer.

Does any process change for Personal or Corporate Credit Card Closer?

No, the process for both the personal and Corporate SBI Credit Card is same and thus details required will be different, and once respective details using a predefined process is given, Credit Cards will be automatically closed.

Can SBI Suspend, Terminate Use of my Card?

Yes, if you have delayed payment of a Credit Card for more than 2 months of due date. Then a credit Card will be suspended and terminated for use. Same will be followed in case a closer request form is submitted.

If I close my account, is there any refund amount that i get?

No, as the amount credit card holds is all credit amount given to an account holder for limited time usage, and there will not be any refund initiated or processed when you request to close SBI Credit Card account.

Does credit card closed if any EMI is pending with any other third party?

No, they won’t close the card until clearing all the EMI’s pending or until clearance received from other.

What is the closing charges imposed on customer?

The charges for closure were charged from time to time as per the regulations and imposed as per the rules on that date.

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