PNB Credit Card Activation and Generate PIN on SMS

Let us have brief information about PNB credit card activation and generation of PIN with simple procedures avoiding hurry to bank or other channel for activation.

PNB stands for Punjab National Bank, as we know about credit cards which can be used for purchasing the items or loved things, where as coming to PNB credit card we will find multiple types of credit cards such as PNB Rupay select credit card, RuPay platinum credit card, Global Classic credit card, Global platinum credit card, PNB Wave credit card and many more.

PNB Credit Card Activation
PNB Credit Card Activation

Here is the key points to access PNB credit card on activation, the customers mainly concentrates about the interest rates to pay back the money to their credit card.

  • In PNB, we will find out different features such as Annual fees and interest rates and we found the reward system for every basic transaction.
  • But in PNB credit card, the customer needs to pay high interest for delay payment, so it’s better to pay back the amount within a full month.

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How to Activate the PNB Credit Card through SMS

The easy steps to activate the Punjab National Bank Credit card through SMS and we need not to visit any locations to get access of it. It can be done through your mobile/Android devices.

  1. Unlock or Open your registered Mobile number
  2. Send the Message to contact number of 7092200200
  3. The message should be in the format of ACTIV
  4. Through these simple steps we can activate the credit card of PNB.

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How to Generate Punjab National Bank Credit Card PIN through SMS

The simple steps are mentioned below to generate the pin of Credit card of PNB in online through Android mobile/ devices.

  1. The process will be done with your register mobile number
  2. Take your android mobile and insert the register mobile number sim
  3. Go to message app and enter the message in the format of CardPinDOB in ddmmyyyy>
  4. Send above message to the contact number of 7092200200
  5. By this method you can generate the pin of PNB bank through your mobile.

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Multiple benefits of using PND Credit card

  • On purchasing goods, you will receive wonderful rewards point for every transaction.
  • The credit card can be helped you to take a comfortable waiting area in airports for your lounge access
  • Receive discounts on purchases of Fuel by using PNB credit card
  • Most of us, fond of movies so on movie tickets also we can receive a discount through the PNB credit card
  • We can utilize the PNB credit card for sudden occurred situation such as accident insurance and dead insurance and many more.
  • We can manage all these features through the help of the PNB App in Online.

How to Apply Credit Card in Punjab National Bank

The preferable method is discussed below to apply for Credit Card in Punjab national bank.

  1. Go to official website of Punjab national bank
  2. If you are a customer of Punjab national bank then tap the option of yes for further process
  3. Enter your Pan card number in the empty field of Pan card
  4. Provide the Account number in their respective field
  5. Tap on the option of submit and it redirects to the page of apply credit card
  6. Follow the instructions prompted on the screen and submit the documents such as Aadhar card, pan card for security purpose.

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