Appointment on Compassionate Grounds, Railway Application

Compassionate Grounds appointment Application of Railway is enclosed for ready reference, do check, and must complete the 9 pages application through proper channel…

Indian Railways have various schemes and opportunities for employees to service for better running of the Railway system, and in case the employee who is serving has been ill due to medical emergency or any such circumstance, they can opt for the Compassionate Grounds option.

The Proforma of Compassionate Grounds Appointment will take the employee ward or legal hire in place of the Indian Railway servant, such that because of the employee the family should not be suffered.

Appointment on Compassionate Grounds
Appointment on Compassionate Grounds

This application does guarantee that the family member can continue to service the Indian Railways and their livelihood will not be disturbed with the illness of the employee. The applicant may check the application as enclosed below and find all the necessary requirements for submission

Application for Railway CGA Category

This Proforma should submit through proper channel from the office where the deceased employee works due the time of expiry, and each column like deceased employee service particulars, family details, Death certificates, family members certificate, declaration, education qualification of the applicant/family members and other specified in the list of enclosures must submit along with the application.

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