What is Record of Rights under Property of Land

Record of Rights also referred to as Jamabandi is a record which does consist of the details of landholdings? There are over 12 to 13 columns in Record of Right which has each column dedicated to land details.

Khasra, Khatoni, Khewat number and more such similar types, in particular, have been recorded in Record of Right. At the end there is a remark column which does have details of property. If any is in dispute or extra comments added by the respective registration office.

In states like Telangana, TamilNadu, and Andhra Pradesh the details of soil type as well along with encumbrance certificate details added in Records of Right.

Record of Rights

Record of Rights

If you want to learn more about Records of Right, then go through the types of different numbers in it and understand more about them.

  • Khasra: Khasra number is unique and given to the landowner in the village. The Khasra records the details of land parcels which have columns of owner, details of crop grown, soil type and more. This helped to view the list of wonders and the type of crops grown in records.
  • Khatoni: Khatoni number is provided to the farmer who is cultivating the land. This record number is unique and required to know the type of cultivation made.
  • Khata: Khata used to refer to multiple cultivators and multiple land owners in a village. There are numerous owners in the village who do have the same khata number. On the other side similar numbers are provided to the cultivators.

Records of Right Process for Maintaining and Updating

You should know that there is a predefined process of Records of right maintaining and updating which is as follows.

Maintaining Record

The district revenue official of the respective zone does have the authority to maintain the Records of Right. In official they refer as patwaris or mandal revenue office that has authority to record the land details. In a few states, they refer as talathis and in some northern states they refer to as patwaris.

Records Updating

In many areas, the Record of Right of a land is still incomplete. All the truncation of the land in relation with change in ownership not properly updated. The regular mutation process must process by the buyer when there is change in ownership of land or property.

This way the Record of Right of the land updated with new and updated owner details. In absence of proper mutation, this does stay incomplete and shows the oldest owner’s name in the list of ownership.

Some good reference: revenue.punjab.gov.in

Why my name not yet updated in Record of Rights after registration?

In case of registration of land or property, the new name will only updated in the registration office. To update the Record of Rights with new owner name and details, a mutation application may apply and submit in the nearest municipal corporation.

Does Records of Right have a list of previous owners?

The Record of Rights does show updated ownership name of the property and in a few states, the encumbrance data also updated along with detailed description. This consist of only previous owner details right after the new owner.

Can Record of Right changed manually?

The Record of Right editing only authorized by the revenue official and that only updated once a new registration processed. No other type of interference except the mutation will change the Record of Right.

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