Punjab Land Record for Jamabandi, Mutation, Cadastral Map, Nakal Verification

Complete process to know your Punjab land record by accessing Janmabandi Record through Owner name wise, Khewat number wise, Khasra number, Khatouni number followed by guide to check mutation status, Cadastral Map and Nakal Verification.

In this era of technology, almost everything is at our fingertips. Thanks, to this digitalization, accessing the Punjab land records became much easier and convenient.

The Government of Punjab digitalize the land records and made them accessible to everyone online. This article will guide you to check various Punjab land records like Jamabandi, mutation status, cadastral maps, Nakal verification in this page.

Punjab Land Records Online
Punjab Land Records Online

Punjab Jamabandi

There are four ways to get access to your Jamabandi Records, all four ways are explained in small steps, you can follow any way out of four, you will reach your goal. You just have to follow those steps that are given below respectively.

Jamabandi Record from Owner Name Wise

In this section you will learn that you get access to your Jamabandi Records from name of owner. I will explain this in clear explanation in given below. Go through this until end.

  1. Open the webpage with jamabandi.punjab.gov.in
  2. Click on Jambandi > Owner Name Wise
  3. Select the Current ore Previous period
  4. Select District > Tehsil > Village > Year
  5. Click on Set Region
  6. Tap on Jamabandi > Owner Name Wise
  7. Give the Owner Name and Click on the View Owner Relation button.
  8. Choose the appropriate option in the list based on the Relation and Person Name
  9. Tap Select button besides the chosen option.
  10. Choose your Khewat Number from the given options.
  11. Enter the Captcha below it, Click on View Report
  12. Select the download button to download it into your device.

Note: All this process can be done in Punjabi language, but here we focus on English language

By the following above information as same as you can access your Jamabandi records.

Jamabandi Record from Khewat Number Wise

In this given article there is a complete and brief information about Jamabandi records. you can get entry from Khewat Number wise, and the required information is here.

  1. Open the webpage with jamabandi.punjab.gov.in
  2. Click on Jambandi > Khewat Number Wise
  3. Select Khewat No Wise option
  4. Choose the Khewat Number from the list carefully
  5. Enter the Captcha and Click on View report
  6. You can Download it by selecting on download icon

Jamabandi Record from Khasra Number Wise

In this portion you get knowledge about how to get access to your Jamabandi records by Khasra number wise. Go through this till end.

  1. Open the webpage jamabandi.punjab.gov.in
  2. Click on Jambandi > Khasra No. Wise
  3. Select the Khasra Number from the options precisely.
  4. Enter Captcha and Tap on View Report and you can download it, if you want.

Jamabandi Record from Khatouni Number

In this step you will learn about how to gain access to your Jamabandi records from Khatouni number. Below I will explain that complete process in step-by-step manner.

  1. Just open the page jamabandi.punjab.gov.in
  2. Select the last option which is Khatouni No. Wise
  3. Choose the appropriate Khatouni Number the given options
  4. Enter the Captcha correctly and tap on View Report
  5. Click on the download icon to download it into your device

Punjab Land Record Mutation Status

You can check your Punjab land record mutation status in two different processes. The road map for both processes are given below in step-by-step manner, and you can follow any process to your comfort, just that you have to follow their respective steps of the respective processes.

Jamabandi Mutation Status from Vaseeka Number Wise

Here there is lot of options for check your Mutation status. From this given article I will explain that process from Vaseeka number, through online. Let us that process.

  1. Visit the Punjab Land Records web portal https://jamabandi.punjab.gov.in
  2. Select Mutation After Registry
  3. Choose Vaseeka Number Wise
  4. Select District, Tehsil,
  5. Enter Vaseeka Date > Vaseeka Number
  6. Fill in the Captcha and Tap on Search
  7. Get your Mutation Status

Jamabandi Mutation Status from Mutation Number

This is another way to check your Mutation status. From here you can learn check your Mutation status from your given Mutation number. Go on head till end.

  1. Visit the Punjab Land Records web portal https://jamabandi.punjab.gov.in
  2. Select Mutation After Registry
  3. Choose Mutation Number Wise
  4. Select District > Tehsil > Village
  5. Enter Mutation Number
  6. Enter Captcha > Click on Search option

Note: Vaseeka Number and Mutation Number are provided at the time of the registration of the land.

Punjab Jamabandi Cadastral Map

A cadastral map is a detailed map that provides detailed information about real property within a specific area. It is often referred to as a Bhu Naksha, or area map.

These maps provide precise information about land divisions, boundary sizes, etc. Here’s how you can get it:

  1. Go to the Punjab Land Record website jamabandi.punjab.gov.in
  2. Click on Cadastral Map
  3. Select the details like District > Tehsil > Village
  4. The Cadastral maps of the selected region are displayed.
  5. You can select any one of the maps to get overwide view of the map.

Punjab Jamabandi Nakal Verification

Nakal is a copy of the original land records, and verifying the Nakal is crucial to ensure that the copy matches with the original records. You can follow these steps below to verify it

  1. Go to the Punjab Land Record website jamabandi.punjab.gov.in
  2. Select Nakal Verification from the options.
  3. Choose District > Tehsil
  4. Select From Date > To Date
  5. Click on Verify Nakal option and the verification status displayed on your screen.

In conclusion, accessing Punjab Land Records online is a pretty straightforward process. By understanding how to perform these online services, anyone can easily verify land ownership, check mutation status, view cadastral maps, and perform Nakal verification. This digital approach massively simplifies property management and transactions.

Is there any certain period limit for mutation of land records in Punjab?

Yes, there is time limit for mutation of land in Punjab. That limit is six months. Please mind this not overtake this time.

How much amount is required for mutation in Punjab?

Required amount for mutation in Punjab is 300 to 600 up additional revenue.

Are there any fees for convey the deed in Punjab?

Yes, there is a fee for convert deed in Punjab. Mainly the cost is depended on type of deed. There are many type of deeds is there in Punjab and they have separate costs as explained given below, but the charges are revised from time to time, so please visit official website for exact charges before your application.

Type of DeedStamp duty in Punjab
Transfer of propertyNill (no fees)
General power of Attorney (up to 5 people)2000/- rupees
General power of Attorney (more than 5)4000/-rupees
Sale/ Gift5% of the consideration amount+1% Social infrastructure Cess

What is the main reason to maintained those land records?

There are many types of reasons to maintain land records. Because, if you maintain these land records it will be going in systematically order to issue landowners with a user affable service.

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