Tamilnilam for Tamilnadu Land Status with eAdangal and EC

Tamilnilam login now available live, Check your Tamilnadu land Chitta extract and status online for Urban or Rural areas along with EC, Property Tax, eAdangal…


Tamilnilam is a new initiative by state Government of Tamilnadu in order to manage land information like transfer and check details. The citizens of Tamilnadu can use this online portal to learn more about the application status and required essential details of property and property tax that can help them with their land details or transfer as well.

Actually, the full form of Tamilnilam stands for Tamilnadu Information System on Land Administration and Management. This is a land record database of Tamilnadu state to help the property owners in finding their legal status.

The major use of this online portal is that it serves for both citizens for CSC login to check their land transfer details such as Patta Chitta and more. At the same time, the Government employees can use to process any land record or transfer requests.

TamilNilam Login Services for Citizen

  • Rural Chitta Extract and Application Status
  • Urban TSLR Extract and Application Status
  • Field Measurement Book
  • Revenue Court Cases Data
  • Civil Court Cases Data
  • Integrated Land Search of Tamilnadu District / Taluk / Village / Survey No and Sub Division wise
  • eAdangal Crop Management System to check Patta Number at any district
  • TN EC View of Survey number in any sub-division
  • Tamilnadu Property Tax relates to GCC, TP, ULB and VP

The Tamilnilam revenue portal mainly managed by Revenue and Disaster Management Department under the State Government of Tamilandu. It is by accessing

How to Check Tamil Nilam Login Land Information

Property owner of Tamilnadu state can check their land information online using the appropriate link provides using the below process

  1. Access Tamil nilam web portal online

    Open http://tamilnilam.tn.gov.in:8080/landinformation/index.html on any browser

  2. Scroll down and Select Service

    You may select the service which you want like EC, Property Tax, Rural or Urban Chitta Extract and Application status

  3. Click on the link to land into respective page

    Select your respective details from each dropdown

  4. Enter property details like patta number

    Provide your own property details to get exact information

  5. Click Submit

    You may get the exact current details as per the revenue records available in Tamilnadu land information data

There are other two online portals associate which is main portal which may access from tamilnilam.tn.gov.in/Revenue/login.html. The second portal under this, is mainly for Urban land records, land transfer which call as Tamil Nilam(Urban) accessed from citizens

TamilNilam Login

If you are a citizen of Tamilnadu then follow below process for Tamilnilam login to account and get land details you need.

  1. Open the Tamilnilam Urban or Rural CSC login page from here tamilnilam.tn.gov.in/CSC/login.html
  2. Enter your username or password and then if you want to view land records click on login
  3. Or else simply click on the status button which will show you the land transfer status details.

Revenue Employees Login

Revenue department employees can follow the below steps to login to their account.

  1. Open the revenue department page from here https://tamilnilam.tn.gov.in/Revenue/login.html
  2. Finally enter your account and click on the login button.

Tamil Nilam Customer Care

Property owners may contact the authorities for any discrepancies in the data related to services of Tamil Nilam with the following inputs.

  1. Open feedback form from the link tamilnilam.tn.gov.in:8080/landinformation/contactus.html
  2. Enter your Full Name and Email Address
  3. Select Subject Type / Service from dropdown
  4. Enter the details in 200 characters
  5. Provide Code shown and Click on accepting Terms
  6. Click Submit to send the grievance.
  1. How to register for a Tamil Nilam account?

    Both citizens and revenue department employees have to register their account through offline branches. They will receive the account details via SMS or Email.

  2. Can I check land transfer status in Tamil Nilam?

    Yes, if you have recently transferred your land to yourself or to someone then you can login to your account. Under status you can check the land transfer status.

  3. Can I reset my Tamil Nilam password?

    No, if you want to get a new one or if you have forgotten your password then you have to reach out to the customer support team and they will provide either a new one or reset password.

  4. What is TamilNilam Urban?

    If you want to check land records details and transfer details in Urban areas, can use TamilNilam Urban online portal.