Karnataka Agricultural Land Conversion to Non-Agricultural Land

Karnataka Land Conversion is a process of conversion of agricultural lands into non-agricultural land. This is an official process that is taken up by the Karnataka state government through their newly reformed scheme. There are lands in the state which cannot be utilized for commercial, residential, or industrial purposes, as they are entitled as agricultural land.

Any such kind of land in the state can be moved to non-agricultural lands by the process of Karnataka Land Conversion. There is a process that has to be followed to apply KAR Land Conversion process, for any selected area. as well the revenue department upon verifying the land will check the eligibility and does ask you to make the land conversion fee payment.

Karnataka Agricultural Land Conversion
Karnataka Agricultural Land Conversion

Karnataka Land Conversion

Applicants whoever is going for the KAR Land Conversion, have the details of land, name of owner from the starting, type of soil and crop nurtured in land. As well if the mortgage or any type of agricultural loan taken on land has to be clearly documented.

Every detail of the land has to be filled in the application form and submitted to the tahsildar or revenue office. These details will be thoroughly checked by officials during the verification process. This may check through Land conversion status online.

The conversion of land has to be approved by the deputy commission or the collector of that zone. The authority will verify every detail of land based on the document and visit the site before approving it to change to non-agricultural land. Upon verifying every inch of document, the authority will issue a certificate of conversion.

Documents Required for KAR Land Conversion

Here is a list of documents that may carried by the applicant to get the KAR Land Conversion process in the revenue department. All these documents are to be provided in original and official will not entertain duplicate documents during their approval.

  • Khata certificate ID proof
  • Mutation Copy letter
  • Sale Deed or Gift Deed original document
  • Title deed of property
  • No Objection Certificate from village Accountant
  • Latest Tax Receipt
  • Survey Map which is certified by Revenue department
  • Records of Right and Tenancy Certificate from Bhoomi RTC
  • Certificate copy of Land Tribunal order and Form 10
  • Zonal certificate form Development Authority in Urban

Forms for KAR Land Conversion

Here is a list of forms that may used by the applicant during their KAR Land Conversion process.

  • Form 1 of Appreciation for Land Reform Tenanted lands
  • Application for Patta lands should be submitted in Form 21

All required documents to submit along with Application Form 1 and Form 21 to the respective official for verification and approval.

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Can I change residential property to commercial Land?

In the Karnataka Land Conversion process, once the land moved to residential land that cannot move to commercial. The land once converted from agricultural land to residential or commercial land cannot be reverted back by any means.

How is KAR Land Conversion Fees charged?

As per the guidelines of Karnataka State, anyone who involved in the KAR Land Conversion has to provide their application to the revenue department. Upon verifying the documents the tahsildar of revenue officials will get the estimation of Fees ready, which also depend on the market value of that area.

Can Karnataka Land Conversion apply for irrigation land?

The irrigation land or land near the water bodies not considered by the Karnataka Land Conversion scheme. The land are eligible used for commercial or residential purposes are only consider for the Land Conversion.

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