How to Search Karnataka Bhoomi Dispute Case Reports

The Karnataka government initiates the Bhoomi RTC online portal, a well known as a service provided to its citizens as it provides all land record information. The Bhoomi portal widely used in order to check for mutation records or land record deeds to transfer land records from one person to another. But they also provide land record dispute case reports which is essential for any new buyer who wants to buy a particular line from another seller.

So you can use this service called dispute case reports where you will be able to find out if any cases are disputes that are pending on a particular line that you want to buy, allowing you to have a better idea if the land that you want to buy is a proper one with no disputes on it. Follow the below article that will help you to understand more on how you can check Bhoomi dispute case reports online.

Karnataka Bhoomi
Karnataka Bhoomi

How to Search Karnataka Bhoomi Dispute Case Reports

Follow the steps below to quickly check the process through which you can use Bhoomi login online portal to search for dispute case reports.

  1. Open the Bhoomi dispute case reports checking page from
  2. Select the district and taluk from the drop down options, then click on Get Report button
  3. Next dispute case reports window will appear in a popup through which you can filter by the following
    • Objections Raised By Government
    • Objections Raised By Citizen
    • All Objections
  4. If your land record is not in the objection list then it means that it does not have any land dispute cases on it.

How to check Bhoomi dispute case reports?

You can check your land records to have any dispute case by going to Bhoomi dispute case reports checking page > select district & taluk and search if your land record details are in the list.

Land record not in Bhoomi dispute case reports?

If your land record details not listed in the Bhoomi dispute case reports then they are free from any dispute cases which means no objections from government, citizens or anyone which is why not listed in the Bhoomi dispute case reports.

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