Bhoomi SMS Alert Online Citizen Registration for Flash Alerts

There is an exclusive option as Bhoomi SMS Alert for the citizens of the state to directly experience every service offered through the Bhoomi login portal. Citizens of Karnataka state can register with the citizen portal and get enroll to use the services in an easy manner. Bhoomi RTC does also bring an SMS alert option to the applicant who has requested for mutation or applied for any services through the Bhoomi portal online.

The Bhoomi portal does bring SMS alerts for the citizens of Karnataka State. Here are the quick steps that you can go through to enable the SMS Alert on your registered number.

Bhoomi SMS Alert
Bhoomi SMS Alert

How to Register for SMS Alert in Bhoomi Portal

  1. Go to the official webpage from Karnataka Land records
  2. Click on Services and then click on Citizen Registration form to open the page
  3. Fill your Aadhar number along with name and mobile number
  4. Click on Generate OTP and verify with receive OTP to your number
  5. Once verified, enter father’s name, address, EPIC number, and landline number
  6. Upload your ID proof and click on next button to fill the land details
  7. Search your property by filling the survey number and click on add button

That’s it, the add button will add the results property under survey number to the registered mobile number. Thus any important information about mutation or any may directly updated to your mobile number through an SMS alert.

Why don’t I get an SMS alert even after adding the mobile number through Bhoomi?

The Bhoomi SMS Alerts only initiated when you add your survey number in the mutation or other service for which you want to get the alerts. Upon adding the service to your mobile number, will bring the SMS updates preceding.

Does Bhoomi Online Citizen for SMS Alert for every service?

No, the Bhoomi Online Citizen for SMS Alert is only for services that applied by the applicant. To update the applicant about the status of their service applied through Portal, fow which SMS alert process brought.

Can I change my mobile number in Bhoomi Portal?

The applicants who register with the Bhoomi portal, can anytime change their active mobile number. Having the updated mobile number does help the citizens of Karnataka state to have regular information about the process happening in the state.

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