Karnataka Bhoomi Mutation Register (MR) with Online Mutation Extract

Find about What is Karnataka Bhoomi Mutation Register (MR) & How to check online mutation extract by survey number provided in detailed steps…

The land registration is a process of gaining ownership of the land by paying the agreed amount to the seller. Thus after a registration of land completed, it is mandatory to go through the mutation process of that land with the new ownership details.

The Mutation does record every detail of the property in the revenue department and thus the process of mutation will change the owner name in the local municipal corporation.

Various services such as water tax, property tax, current meter bill and more may appended with the new owner’s name, which may only processed after a mutation. Thus every time an owner changes, the mutation register records the details and helps the current owner to view details of past ownership on land.

To have the mutation register checked through the survey number, you must have the land documents handy to fill the details asked in Bhoomi login portal. Have a look at these below-written steps and follow them to get the Mutation Register.

Karnataka Bhoomi Mutation
Karnataka Bhoomi Mutation

How to Check Karnataka Bhoomi Mutation Register By Survey Number

  1. Launch the Land Record Karnataka Official online website https://landrecords.karnataka.gov.in/Service2/
  2. Now select Bhoomi from Projects to open in new page
  3. Click on Services
  4. Tap on View RTC & MR
  5. In the new page, click on MR from the list of options shown
  6. The new page with Bhoomi Online Mutation Extract will be loaded
  7. Select District, Taluk, Hobli, and Village from the drop-down options
  8. Now enter Survey Number and click on Fetch details to show results

In the Mutation Details, the details of the mutation register for the respective survey number displayed. Select the documents to view and click on the proceed button to pay the processing fees to download Mutation Register copy form Karnataka Bhoomi Portal.

How to get a Survey Number of Property for Bhoomi Online?

If you want to check the mutation register in Bhoomi Karnataka through the survey number, then you can check your plan page of the land document. It will show you exactly on which curveny number the land resides and the same number may utilized to fetch the Bhoomi online mutation extract.

Does Karnataka Bhoomi Mutation Register Extract Show past transactions?

The mutation details loaded with the survey number in Bhoomi Portal bring every detail of past transactions that happened on the land. The mutation details will clearly show the title of ownership change from the start and would help you find out who were the exact owners of the property.

What if my Property Mutation Register shows the wrong Name?

The mutation register updated with the name of owner as per the provided land sale deed or any deed. Thus even if the mutation has taken the wrong name of the owner, then they have to visit the local municipal officer along with the original Land document which has got the proper name to apply for name change through mutation.

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