Mutation of Property and How to Apply Online Mutation

The time you have got your property registered after a successful real estate transaction, which one should get their Mutation of Property done, where this is a government process that needs to be done in time, to ensure that everything has been changed to their name after the registration is done.

Municipality keeps the record of the property owners and their entire details to ensure property tax or other municipal bills are sent to the address as per the current owner’s name.

Mutation of the property ensures that the entire documents are moved to the new owner’s name along with changing the same in all government records, and these mutations will keep records that you hold property since when and will be useful in future to sell the same property.

Mutation of Property

To get your property mutation done, one should have these below details and documents ready to submit, and the mutation of the property will be done in the below conditions only.

New Property

if you have brought the new property then you need to submit the property documents such as sale deed and an application for mutation of property with an 3-court fee stamp affixed. The stamp paper of worth 100 Rs must be made as a bond along with an affidavit of Rs 10 stamp paper. As well submit the latest property tax papers that are cleared with dues.

Mutation for heir, in case property owner has died: if the current property owner has died due to any means, then his/her next heir must get the mutation of the property done on their names, and the Applicants should get a death certificate along with a copy of Will or the older sale dead paper. An indemnity bond on 100 Rs Stamp paper with an affidavit on Rs 10 stamp paper must be attested by notary. All these documents must be submitted to the local municipality with the all clear property tax papers.

If Property brought under power of Attorney: in these cases of condition, the mutation must be done by submitting the power of attorney papers. Th copy of will, sale dead, an Rs 100 stamp paper indemnity bond, Rs 10 Stamp Paper affidavit notary and the property tax clearness paper. As will an Rs 3 court fee stamp must be affixed with the application form.

In this way, they get to ensure that the property is on the current owner’s name and the bills that need to be generated must be transferred on it. Failing to do a mutation, will send your property bills in the name of the previous owner and there is no proof of your liability on the property.

In Case of Death

In extreme conditions, if the owner of the property has been dead, then the next whole -sole owner comes forward to get the mutation done. An Application form with a death certificate must be submitted to the corporate office.

Also indemnity bond on Rs 100 stamp paper and a Rs 10 Affidavit stamp paper must be attached with having attested by a notary advocate. As in proof, the old property tax clearance receipt must be attached to have a valid proof of tax payment.

If Property is Given by Power of Attorney

This might be a rare case, but the new sudden owner of the property must be liable for every charge levied by the municipal corporation of Delhi. The power of attorney document along with the indemnity bond on a Rs 100 stamp paper and Rs 10 stamp paper with affidavit must be attached with having done a notary. This changes the past owner name and your name will be available in every future document generated by Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Points to Remember for Mutation of Property

As mutations of the property is an important stuff, it must be done with your full knowledge and must be processed with full attention, as the mutation is done it will be recorded in government records.

  • Delay in Mutation of Property will only charge Rs 25 penalty
  • Selling the property will need a Mutation of Property which are updated
  • Mutation of Property stands as legal proof of ownership
  • Charges for Mutation of Property will differ by every state
  • Mutation of Property must be done regularly, whenever there is a change in the owner name

Online Mutation

How to Apply Delhi Online Mutation – Find the complete details on Delhi online mutation certificate

Is Mutation of Property of Agricultural Land important?

Yes the mutation for the agricultural land is important and these help you to sell the land easily to any new owner. Else the new owner will not be able to possess the ownership, as many times agricultural lands are not fully updated.

Is it necessary to pay the property tax for Mutation of Property?

To get the Mutation of Property of done with the municipal office, the land or building property tax must be updated. The new owner or past, need to get the full property tax paid and only then will their ownership be updated.

Is Mutation of Property and Registration the same?

The registration is transferring the ownership of the property to the new owner by updating them in the government records, and the Mutation of Property is getting the tax paper, municipal documents and other similar documents updated with the new owner’s name. These will ensure future documents will be updated on the new owner’s name.

Can I Change name after doing my Property Mutation?

Yes, anytime you can change your name in the bills generated by the Delhi Municipal Corporation, and the name will be the same as your sale deed printed during the time of registration and if that does contain the wrong name, you should get it corrected to have the same reflected in other documents of the municipality.