Life Certificate from Abroad Living Pensioner – Submit Online

Life Certificate for Abroad Living Pensioner can submit online or at embassy. Check 5 methods for submission of Annual Life certificate for Indian pensioners / family pensioners who lives in abroad…

Life Certificate is annual certificate taken as a proof of identity of a person avails the pension benefits. Every individual has to prove that they are alive and they eligible to get benefits of pension through SBI, Post Office or any authorized bank.

In these scenarios there are thousands of pension holders in families or individuals who live abroad and don’t get much difficulty in showing their life certificates. At present, If your residing in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE or in any abroad country, Just submit your Life Certificate online through Jeevan Pramaan.

Also, the life certificate must update by following five methods and only upon their renewal, the pension scheme continued. This may hard to visit India every year just for submission of life certificate. Now there are multiple methods which can use to update the life certificate for pensioner living abroad.

Life Certificate from Abroad

How to Submit Life Certificate for Pensioners from Abroad

Here are a few methods which may follow by the pensioners living abroad to update life certificate annually.

  1. Method1: In case, if the individual or family residing abroad and enjoying the benefit of pension, drawing the amount through any bank included in the second schedule to RBI Act 1934, then the life certificate may sign by any officer from that bank. If the Bank officer signs your Life Certificate on Abroad pensioners form, the individual or family pensioner may accept from appearing in Indian Bank for their annual appearance process.
  2. Method 2: The Life Certificate for Abroad pensioners may process by creating a Notary. This must sign by the agent and by magistrate. With the proof of notary, the individual or family pensioner may avail benefit and get annual life certificate update.
  3. Method 3: In this method, an individual or family pensioner has to submit Digital Life Certificate through online method. Pensioner may submit life certificate through Jeevan Pramaan website or Jeevan Pramaan App. It is by using their Aadhaar based biometric authentication system. Thus by means of their Aadhaar biometric, the individual will be able to update the life certificate from anywhere. (No:14.3- Page38- 5th Edition July 2021 of Scheme for Payment of Pensions to Central Govt Civil Pensioners by Authorized Banks)
  4. Method 4: If individuals unable to visit India for their personal identification for life certificate to continue their pension. They can issue a certificate by authorized official from Indian embassy or high commission of India or Indian Consulate. It is from the place where they are currently residing. There may be a photo to attest on the certificate as per Passport or PPO and taken as proof to continue the life certificate.
  5. Method 5: In case, if individual or family pensioner unable to visit the embassy office or high commission of India in their country, then they can send the documents by post to the embassy or consulate office. The documents should also have an attested doctor’s copy showing the inability to present to the office in person. (No:16- Page44- 5th Edition July 2021 of Scheme for Payment of Pensions to Central Govt Civil Pensioners by Authorized Banks)

You may now visit the Government issued guidelines dated 22.09.2021 or download the same from the source available.

What if my life certificate not updated in a year?

As per the guidelines of Reserve Bank of India, every individual or family pensioner has to submit life certificate update at pension drawing branches. In the event of missing life certificate update, the monthly pension may get into hold and may not continue.

Is Life Certificate may update through online banking?

The Life Certificate may submit using the online updating portal using the Aadhar UID biometric process. Only the one with Aadhaar linked mobile number can process the requests and get the life certificate update online.

When is the last date for the update of the Life Certificate?

In general the updating of Life Certificate for Abroad pensioners or Indian pensioners will be in the month of November. This is in general the same period when life certificate updating by all banks processed for their respective pensioners.

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  1. I’m living in Melbourne Australia and I have obtained life certificate throug Consulate of India office situated in Melbourne and send the same to the Treasury department, Haryana government as I’m getting my pension through Treasury Officer Jagadhri District Yamunanagar Haryana but they refused to accept the same and asked to submit a power of attorney to some one in India which also required to be embossed. I again requested through my mail that I have obtained the life certificate as per instructions issued by the Central govt from the authorized authority and my pension is already going to my bank account but they again refused to accept my life certificate. I also tried to get life certificate through jeevampramaan Gov. in app but does not succeed because when I gone to capturing face ID it always show Error 903 . What I do now please guide

  2. I am ex Indian Army pensioner.
    Every year I used to submit my Life Certificate in Bank of india, Wembley Branch London, UK.

    This year I have submit my Life Certificate on 03 November 2022 from Bank of India Wembley, London UK addressed to Bank of India, Quepem Branch, Taluka Quepem District South Goa Goa State.

    I do not have Jeevam Pramaan App as I am in UK.

    Don’t know whether Bank of India, will accept my Life Certificate or Not
    Please advise.

  3. Dear Sir,
    At present I am in Singapore. I got attestation from High commission here and did register post to epf office,chennai. Hope it will be accepted. Waiting for your kind reply sir. Thanking you.

  4. At present I am residing in australia till Mid – January 23.I draw my pension from SBI, sealdah,kolkata,west Bengal.While using jeevan pramaan app. It shows error code 903 repeatedly. What to do?

  5. I am in Manchester UK
    I want to get Life certificate submission SBI ,Dhanbad ,India in the moth of November 2022.
    How I may generate & Sumit

  6. As far as I can tell, you cannot use the Jeevan Pramaan Face app if you are outside of India. The following is listed in the FAQ section on the Jeevan Pramaan site.

    Can I use the JeevanPramaan face app outside India ?
    JeevanPramaan face app can be used only in India, it is not available for use outside India

  7. I am presently living in Canada, want to make my life certificate online. Please guide me for website or video.

  8. At present Melbourne How to submit Jeevan pram man patra to my Union Bank of India at Gujarat. India. So procedure to me. Still I stay up to March 23. Pl.explain to me.

  9. I am an OCI,
    Could not submit my life certificate in NOvember.
    Got it(life certificate from Indian counciI now)
    Where anyhow to submit it.
    Can I do it by email,
    Email address please.


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