What is Water Tax, Why Drinking Water Taxed

The Tax for which the Consumer who has received the water through pipes that is monitored and cleaned for drinking is termed as Water Tax, where the water is a major essential for livelihood and those the government bodies assigned to it do take essential precautions.

The hard water which is mostly used for washing, cleaning and other similar activity can be drilled from anywhere, whereas the water which is allowed is drink is added with chlorine and other essential chemicals to kill the bacteria, thereby making it essential for drinking.

The Tax is collected for water that is supplied by industries through bottles and drums which is sold in nearby stores, and in the same manner the bill also collected by government bodies as hard source collected of rivers is supplied to individual houses through pipes by making it essential for drinking.

Water Tax
Water Tax

Why Drinking Water Taxed

This is a most common question from everyone, as water is most available and why is it taxable. Water which is seen in reservoirs is collected from nearby rivers and gets filled by Rainfall and floods, and thus, this water does contain extra minerals which are not permitted for intake due to their harness.

The collected water from reservoirs is passed through several water purifying Tanks and then transformed to pure drinking water, and at the end collected water is then passed to everyone through the pipelines laid. All this process to make drinking does get an enough budget from Local Government and thus Tax collected will be added for further purification works.

Sources to Pay Water Tax

Consumers who have drilled the ground to extract hard usage water, will also be charged a minimal taxable price, and the amount charged will be one time only and it should be compulsory paid to start using. This tax on is to make everyone aware of the importance of drinking source and its commodities, as to warn everyone not to waste the same at any cost.

Why we need to Pay Tax on Water?

The water which is collected from borewells and which is mostly used for household works is not taxable, and on the other hand, the water which is circulated by local municipalities and government bodies by adding enough chemicals to make it drinking will be taxable, and thus, Water which is bought for drinking through Government pipelines or by bottles is applicable for individuals as a bill or Tax.

How Can Water Tax Calculate?

There is a specific unit charge being assigned by Government Bodies based on Rural, Urban and Metropolitan areas for water usage, and thus, based on consumption of consumer the unit charge is multiplied and the total amount is termed as Water Tax.

What will happen if I didn’t Pay Water Tax?

If any consumer who is in an area of Municipality or Local Bodies where it is made compulsory should pay their Water Tax, but diligence in paying the bill will allow the Water Body officials to take strict action and tends to disconnect your water connection and issues the default notices.

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