MR Copy Download from Karnataka Bhoomi Portal

Buy a new property and confusing to change ownership title, then get it by MR copy from Karnataka Bhoomi portal. Just check the simple guide to get MR copy from Bhoomi portal…

The Mutation is an official process of changing the ownership title of property to the name of purchase from the past owner. This is the very first task to perform by the purchaser once the land or property registration has happened.

Karnataka RTC Bhoomi Helpdesk

The citizens of Karnataka can visit the nearest kiosk center or the revenue department to apply for the mutation with their registered document. There is also an official link in the Bhoomi portal that lets citizens apply for the mutation of property.

Name Bhoomi portal
Mainly Focus onRevenue Department of Karnataka
Customer Care number080-22113255, 8277864065, 8277864067, 8277864068

Mutation Register Copy

Mutation register is a document that has every information of changes happening in the RTC. These documents do have information of the seller and purchaser along with their communication details in brief. Every change that happens in the Mutation Register copy can fetch from the Bhoomi RTC portal.

How to Get MR Copy from Bhoomi Portal

If you’re a citizen of Karnataka state, then it is quite easier to get the mutation register copy from the official website. This process is quick and does provide every single information in detail.

  1. Visit Official portal of Bhoomi

    Go to the Bhoomi Portal official page form the Karnataka Land records or go through this link

  2. Click on View RTC and MR

    Tap on View RTC & MR present on the page

  3. Tap on MR and Provide required details

    Click on MR present top of page and then enter your district, taluk and Hobli name

  4. Enter Village name and Survey number

    Provide your village name along with survey number as per document

  5. Click on fetch details and check the list

    Tap on fetch details and view the list of Mutation Register available

  6. Select your MR copy and complete fee payment

    Choose your MR copy and then proceed to make processing fee payment

  7. Download MR Copy

    That’s it, Once the payment is successful, the mutation register copy will be ready to download and can later print for your reference.

  1. Why does the Mutation Register copy still show the previous owner's name?

    As per the guidelines of the revenue department, it is mandatory to get the Mutation of the property done. Thus until you don’t do the mutation of newly bought property, the names in local municipal, taxes, and water bills along with names in the mutation register of Bhoomi not updated. Every department which is in relation to property, has to update with the new owner's name.

  2. What documents required to submit a Mutation in Bhoomi?

    As a new owner of the property, it required to submit the new registration document along with the identity proof and the affidavit for mutation. Upon submitting the document and paying the service charges to the department, the mutation of the property will initiate. In a minimum of 21 working days, the details of the new owner will update everywhere as a process of mutation.

  3. Why my Mutation status not yet updated?

    After applying for the mutation registration in the Bhoomi portal or the nearest revenue department. The applicant has to ensure that they have paid the processing fees for mutation processing. Until the processing fees have paid, the mutation of property will not be initiated. Also that will not show up on the mutation status page.