What is Karnataka RTC and the Services

The Karnataka RTC is all about the online services of land records, maps, and other important information. The Karnataka government does bring new technology to bring every useful information to be provided to citizens at their fingertips. Checking land records, maps, mutation deals and other related services of land are available online.

The Karnataka RTC is under the working of the revenue department of Karnataka state, which timely updates the information related to lands or property online.

NameBhoomi portal
Official sitelandrecords.karnataka.gov.in
Toll Free numbers080-22113255, 8277864065, 8277864067, 8277864068
Email Idbhoomi@karnataka.gov.in

Thus having this information does bring an easier option to know the owner of property and if property details are proper as per government records. Thus the development of the state has been a key motto while bringing the Karnataka RTC online services.

Karnataka Encumbrance Certificate Sakala (ಸಕಲ)

Karnataka RTC Services

Here is a list of services that Karnataka RTC provides to the citizens. The RTC fully land-related document provider which contains below listed details. This may used as the primary document for any reference to the property.

  • Survey Number: Survey number provides to property based on which their segregation from other properties done
  • Land Revenue and Water Tax: Every land has got a unique property tax number and water tax number, which are the primary essentials provided.
  • Soil Type: The type of soil may agricultural or commercial or good for construction, with the condition as per the government records listed here.
  • Acquisition Type: Type of acquisition of land cited here. It is all to notify any structures already built.
  • Type of Land: The type of land described based on the soil type and their usage
  • Crops Grown: If agricultural land, the type of crops grown in the land
  • Rights & Liabilities Such as Loans: Any loans taken on land listed here with full description
  • Irrigation Details: If land is near an open nalla or any such water bodies, the details described here.

All the above-said information is a part of the Karnataka RTC document for the owner of the property or may taken from the online Bhoomi website.

  1. Does Karnataka RTC hold information about past winners?

    The Karnataka RTC is a whole document that holds information about the property from its start. It does have names of the owners who were before the current owner occupied the property. The property ownership is in the form of a tree with their name and communication address available in the document.

  2. Can Karnataka RTC show different survey numbers for property?

    Karnataka RTC holds information from the revenue department of the zone. Thus if the Karnataka RTC shows the survey number for the property details you search online, they may officially correct as they directly fetched from the revenue department. Any mismatch in the survey number must report to the concerned official in the revenue department. It is all to avoid any consequence within quick time.

  3. Does registration type show in Karnataka RTC?

    Yes, the Karnataka RTC document does clearly show the type of registration that the current owner is holding. If it is a gift registration, sale deed, mortgage, or any type it may clearly described on the very first page. These ensure to provide enough correct information for whoever is looking at the document.

  4. How to find a survey number in Karnataka RTC?

    Have you got your agreement number, then you can go to the planning page of your property? There the survey number along with dimensions of the property clearly written. The same number may used to fetch the details from the Bhoomi RTC page.