RBC Void Cheque in Online and App with Alternative

RBC Void Cheque is something that has the word ‘VOID’ written across it and prevents the unauthorized user from making payments to anyone by using it.

A cheque is becoming extinct in digital days now. For small payments, you do need not to make a cheque, but for big payments, still, the cheque is required. A cheque is a form of a paper document, and this paper tells the bank to pay a specific sum to any organization or person.

RBC bank also provides its users with the ability to provide cheques. However, how to create an RBC void cheque is a common confusion asked by the users, but it is very easy to create a VOID cheque.


If you are using an online banking service, then follow the below-discussed steps to create an RBC void cheque

  1. Sign in to the RBC online banking portal
  2. Go to Account Services
  3. Click View and Print Void Cheque
  4. Select the Bank account through which you want to create a void cheque.
  5. Agree to the conditions
  6. click on the Next.
  7. View the Cheque and then print it.

Void Cheque RBC in Mobile App

You may have an option to get the VOID cheque in mobile app when we are on the way too.

  1. Open the RBC mobile App.
  2. Log In with your credentials
  3. Go to the Cheque section
  4. Select the account through which you want to generate the void Cheque.
  5. Select the details.
  6. Tap on ‘Get a void Cheque’.
  7. Save or print it.

How to Find VOID Cheque RBC

  1. Go to Online Banking portal of RBC.
  2. Select ‘Account Services’.
  3. Choose ‘View and Print Void Cheque’.
  4. Choose the bank account.
  5. Agree to the disclaimers.
  6. Click on ‘Next’ tab.
  7. View cheque.

How to Print VOID Cheque RBC

To print the cheque follow all the steps discussed above in the section ‘How to find void cheque RBC?’, but at the end, just click on the ‘Print’ tab.

Can the RBC cheques printed online and offline are same

Yes, it can be done, but it is suggested that you order cheques online because the cheque that you will print will not contain magnetic ink (which is sometimes considered proof).

How much does the RBC Cheque cost

There is no definite rate, as it depends on the amount of cheques you order and also the design.

RBC VOID Cheque Numbers, Pattern and Sample

Do you know that a void cheque is also known as a sample cheque or Invalid or cancelled cheque and the information contained on the cheque is

  1. Your Name – Your name of the account.
  2. Your address – It is found below the name.
  3. Beneficiary – The name of the person or organization to which you are making the payment.
  4. Bank Account Details.
  5. Bank branch details.
  6. Number of the cheque.
  7. Bank code (normally a 3-digit number).
  8. Transit branch number (The 5-digit number that specified the initial branch in which you opened the bank account).

Things to remember while creating a void cheque

You just have to write “VOID” across the front of the cheque. This should be written with a dark pen or permanent marker.

Alternatives for RBC VOID Cheques

If for some reason, we are unable to create or make a VOID cheque, we can use the alternatives for it. One of the common alternatives used is the direct deposit form.

What is a direct deposit form?

The direct deposit form can be used as an alternative to the Void cheque. The direct deposit form contains all the information mentioned on the Void cheque. In addition, it also contains the employee number, date, and signature.

How to Generate and Print a Direct Deposit Form

Just follow the below-discussed steps to create a direct deposit form

  1. Sign in to the RBC online portal
  2. Go to Account Services >> Payroll Deposit Forms
  3. Select the Bank account through which you want to create a void cheque.
  4. Agree to the conditions, and then click on the ‘Next’.
  5. View the form and then print it.