How to Apply BOB Insurance Online with IndiaFirst

BOB (Bank of Baroda) confidently offers a range of top-quality insurance policies and financial products to its clients under the umbrella of IndiaFirst Insurance Plan, which is provided by India First Life Insurance Company, a leading insurance provider in India.

The range of insurance policies offered by IndiaFirst Insurance includes health insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, and more. Rest assured that I’m here to assist your group. You have the option to confidently choose between either voluntary or automatic schemes.

  • Get affordable life cover benefits for your group.
  • Choose between voluntary or automatic schemes for members.
  • The sum assured is paid to the nominee through the Master policyholder.
  • Enjoy flexibility with three premium paying frequencies: monthly, six-monthly, and yearly.
  • Enhance coverage with the Employee Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI).
  • Add new members during the plan year at your convenience.
New IndiaFirst Plans

How to Apply for IndiaFirst Plans through the BOB Portal

To apply for a New India Policy on the Bank of Baroda (BoB) Portal

  1. Log in to BOB internet banking using
  2. Navigate to the insurance or policies section.
  3. Choose the New India Policy option.
  4. Select the type of policy you need.
  5. Fill in the details like policy number, name, etc. in the application form.
  6. Upload necessary documents.
  7. Review and confirm your choices.
  8. Make the premium payment securely.
  9. Receive confirmation and check for downloadable policy documents.

Note: Steps may vary, so refer to the official websites or contact customer support for precise instructions.

Eligibility for Procuring the IndiaFirst Plans

The age requirements for entry into the group insurance policies differ based on whether it is a Non-Employer Employee group or an Employer-Employee group. For the Non-Employer Employee group, individuals can enter the coverage from a minimum age of 14 years, with the maximum entry age being 85 years.

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Conversely, for the Employer-Employee group, the minimum entry age is 18 years, and the maximum entry age is also 85 years. Regarding the age at maturity, there is no specific minimum age, and the maximum age at maturity is 86 years.

Additionally, the group size for these insurance policies ranges from a minimum of 50 members (with a minimum of 20 members under Group Term Assurance instead of EDLI) to no specified maximum, offering flexibility for varying group sizes.

Types of IndiaFirst Plan to choose from

  • IndiaFirst Term Plans
  • IndiaFirst Child Plans
  • IndiaFirst Savings Plans
  • IndiaFirst ULIP Plans
  • IndiaFirst Pension Plans
  • IndiaFirst Micro Life Insurance Plans

How can I purchase an IndiaFirst insurance plan at BOB?

You can inquire about and purchase IndiaFirst insurance plans through the Bank of Baroda by visiting a BOB branch, contacting their customer service, or checking the official BOB website.

Can I renew my IndiaFirst insurance plan online?

Most insurance plans offer online renewal options. Check with BOB or IndiaFirst for details on the renewal process.

Is there a waiting period for certain benefits in IndiaFirst insurance plans?

Waiting periods may apply to certain benefits, such as pre-existing conditions in health insurance.

How do I make premium payments for my IndiaFirst insurance policy?

Premium payments can typically be made through various channels, including online banking, direct debit, or other payment methods specified by IndiaFirst and BOB.

How do I contact customer support for IndiaFirst insurance plans at BOB?

You can easily find the customer support contact details on the BOB website or they may have already been given to you when you made your purchase.

Can I customize my IndiaFirst insurance plan to suit my needs?

Several insurance plans come with customization options. You might want to contact BOB or IndiaFirst for more information regarding plan customization and available features.

What is the claims process for IndiaFirst insurance plans?

When filing a claim, it’s important to notify your insurer, submit all required documents, and complete the verification process.

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