BOB Online Complaint / Status Check for Indian and NRI

Bank of Baroda (BOB) is an Indian state-owned public sector bank, established in 1908 in Baroda, with its headquarters at Baroda Corporate Centre in Mumbai. Operating in over 17 countries, it provides diverse banking and financial services, covering business/corporate and personal banking, investment, trade/FX & remittances, and international banking.

The escalation of complaints or concerns can be processed both online and offline. Customers have the flexibility to escalate their concerns by visiting the bank’s office in person.

BOB online complaint
BOB online complaint

BOB Online Complaint Filing

Use Bank of Baroda’s integrated online complaint management system to file complaints by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the homepage using
  2. Locate the “Customer Support” section.
  3. Click on “Submit Complaint.”
  4. Provide the necessary details and describe the issue.
  5. Submit the complaint to initiate the resolution process.

Here we are giving links, which can be used to raise an online complaint –

Bank of Baroda (Online Complaint) / Track Status
BOB banking forms
Email (Block cards)
Email (Forex)
Bank of Baroda credit card complaints

Provide personal details, type of account, subject of the complaint, a brief description of the issue, and attach supporting documents. Track the status of your grievance with the reference number with the help of the link given in the above table.

BOB Complaint Further Escalation

If not resolved within 7 days or dissatisfied with the final response, escalate to the Regional Manager through email, the online grievance form, or a written letter to the Regional Branch Office.

Bank of Baroda is committed to addressing customer concerns promptly through various channels, ensuring a transparent and efficient complaint resolution process.

Some helpful details for online complaints and tracking of the same

  • Customer Care Number:
    • Call the toll-free customer care number 18005700.
    • Reach out via WhatsApp at +918433888777.
    • For unauthorized transactions, use the helpline at 18001025627.
  • Email Contact:
    • For unauthorized transactions, email at
    • For business-related concerns, use
  • Missed Call Services:
    • Use missed call services at +918468001111 or +918468001122.
  • PMJDY/FI Customer Care:
    • Call the customer care number at 18001027788.
  • NRI Customer Care:
    • For NRI customers, call +917966296629.
    • Overseas toll-free numbers are available for various countries.
  • Branch Office Resolution:
    • Contact your nearest branch office for issue resolution.
    • For blocking services (UPI, debit card, etc.), call toll-free numbers 18002584455 and 18001024455.
  • Escalation Process:
    • If your complaint is not resolved within 7 working days or you are dissatisfied with the response, escalate to the Regional and Zonal Manager with the acknowledgment/ticket number.

NRI Customer Care for Bank of Baroda

NRI customers can call the toll-free NRI customer care number, email, or submit complaints online through the SPGRS CRM system.

Overseas toll-free numbers are available for different countries.

  • NRIs (From overseas): +917966296629
  • NRIs (From India): 1800 5700
  • Operational guidelines for NRI customers:
  • BOB Toll Free Numbers for NRIs (From overseas): Oman – 80077196, Kenya – 0800721742, UAE – 80001830996, United States – 18445379719, UK – 08000478340

Grievance Redressal Policy at Bank of Baroda

The grievance redressal policy at the Bank of Baroda outlines the procedures for resolving complaints submitted by its customers. The escalation matrix, comprising three levels, provides avenues for escalating unresolved or unsatisfactory complaints, both online and offline.

Escalation Levels:

  • Regional Manager:
    • In the first stage, escalate your complaint to the Regional Manager, providing essential details.
    • Include your name, contact information, reference/acknowledgment number of the initial complaint, reasons for dissatisfaction (if a response has been received), and a detailed description of the disputed case with relevant evidence. Attach supporting documents.
  • Zonal Manager:
    • If the grievance remains unresolved at the regional level, you have the option to further escalate the case to the Zonal Manager of the bank. Ensure you maintain a record of the reference number for effective communication and tracking.
  • Additional Information:
  • Reopening a Complaint:
    • If needed, customers can reopen a recent complaint by referencing the complaint number. This facilitates the seamless escalation of the case to an authorized officer for further review.
    • Bank of Baroda is committed to ensuring an effective and transparent grievance redressal process, allowing customers to escalate their concerns through structured levels, thereby facilitating prompt and satisfactory resolutions.
  • Grievance Form Submission and Further Escalation Steps:
    • To address your concerns effectively, please complete the grievance form provided below and submit it via email or in-person to the Regional/Zonal Manager using the details.
    • Escalation to Regional Manager, BOB: If your complaint remains unresolved after 15 working days or you are dissatisfied with the customer care or online support response, you have the option to escalate your concerns to the designated Regional Manager of Bank of Baroda in your region.
    • Escalation to Zonal Manager, BOB: Should your complaint continue to be unresolved or if you are dissatisfied with the response received from the Regional Manager, the matter will be escalated to the Zonal Manager by the bank’s grievance redressal policy.

What information do I need to provide when filing an online complaint?

When filing an online complaint, you typically need to provide details such as your name, contact information, account details (if applicable), a description of the issue, and any supporting documents.

Is there a specific timeframe for resolving online complaints with BOB?

The timeframe for resolving online complaints may vary depending on the nature of the issue. However, BOB aims to address and resolve complaints promptly. You can track the progress using the reference number provided.

Can I track the status of my online complaint with BOB?

Yes, you can track the status of your online complaint with BOB. After submitting the complaint, you may receive a reference number that you can use to check the status through the designated tracking mechanism.

Can I file an online complaint for any banking-related issue with BOB?

Yes, you can file an online complaint for various banking-related issues, including but not limited to unauthorized transactions, account discrepancies, service-related concerns, and more. Ensure you provide accurate details to facilitate efficient resolution.

Are there other channels to file complaints with BOB besides the online portal?

Yes, besides the online portal, you can file complaints with BOB through other channels such as visiting a branch office, contacting customer care, or using alternative methods specified by the bank.

What should I do if my online complaint is not resolved within the expected time?

If your online complaint is not resolved within the expected time, you may consider escalating the matter through the designated channels, such as contacting higher authorities within BOB or utilizing external grievance redressal mechanisms.

Can I file a complaint on behalf of someone else through the online portal?

The online complaint portal may require the complainant’s details, but some issues may allow representation. Check the specific guidelines on the BOB website or contact customer support for clarification.

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