SBI RTGS Form Pdf Download Online and Timings

Find SBI RTGS form and check where and how to download and SBI RTGS timings which everybody needs for large amount transactions in online or offline…

State Bank of India is one of India’s largest banks which has spread its wings in around 34 countries. The Bank has been providing various financial services to various customers in their preferred category. The Money transaction through State Bank of India becomes easier when the customer uses the easiest provided methods.

To transfer money from one account to another account there are some defined terms that have been implemented on customers by the bank. To have secure and safe transactions between two accounts, there are a lot of forms which are to be implemented. RTGS and NEFT are such forms which are used when a transaction amount is more than 2 Lakhs.


The SBI RTGS form may filled by the customer, when they are trying to transfer a fund more than 2 Lakhs INR and above. This form is mandatory to be filled, as excess amount transactions with respect to RBI guidelines will need the formalities. The transaction will not be placed if the customer has not followed the guidelines for amount transfer.


SBI RTGS Form Download

Let us download the SBI RTGS Form at the first step, so that we can move forward to fill it and make your fund transfer successful. State Bank of India offers the stable, reliable, effective and secure transition medium through their RTGS or NEFT payment service for any account in India with a customer SBI account.

  1. Open the official website of SBI using link
  2. Next click on Downloads and search for RTGS application form
  3. You may visit the nearest SBI branch and collect the RTGS form
  4. Fill the form with your details carefully and submit it

SBI RTGS Form Download

If you have access to the state bank of India Net banking facility, the translation of the amount more than 2 Lakhs INR may processed at the customer’s comfort zone. Online banking does offer the option to transfer funds of any large amount through their fingertips by using the NEFT or RTGS transfer mode.

Customers have to access their SBI Net Banking page and follow the common process to add the recipient as beneficiary, then they can simply click on transfer funds and choose RTGS as mode of transfer for amounts more than 2 Lakhs.

In case you want to get the SBI RTGS Form online to transfer your funds from your SBI account, then here are some details that must be required while filling the application form.

  • SBI Customer Account Number and Amount to be Transferred
  • Beneficiary Bank account Name
  • Account Number and IFSC code of Beneficiary account
  • Bank Details of Beneficiary
  • That’s it! These details can used to transfer the funds from your account to any beneficiary. Once this application form is filled and submitted to the state bank of India branch.


It is to be noted, that SBI RTGS will not work all the time and it has only a limited time in which the transitions will take place. Here is the list of timing which you can use while transferring the funds.

  • SBI RTGS active between 7 AM to 6 PM between Monday to Friday
  • SBI RTGS Active between 7 AM to 6 PM between Saturday ( Working Day)
  • Sunday and Holidays the SBI RTGS will not support any transaction
  • Customers who have used the SBI RTGS mode of transfer, can remember the timing. As the large fund transfer might get delayed based on the above timing. If there is any query, the customer can reach the SBI branch for further clarity.

SBI RTGS Form in Detail

The SBI RTGS Form does contain two parts which do have information about the Account holder and benedict account information. The evidence document will be furnished on the right side of the Form. Whereas the left side is for the bank official who will verify the details. The transaction ID will be printed on the left side of SBI RTGS Form.

The SBI Account holder signature and other details verified while form sent for translation along with confirming the account as well as the name of the recipient. The applicant has to attach a Cheque paper of their account along with the SBI RTGS Form, to process the request. The bank officer will temporarily provide a cheque book in case you don’t have any cheque book.

Does the State Bank of India charge for SBI RTGS Form?

The State Bank of India will not apply any charges on the transaction made through RTGS mode. This is a free of cost service which is initialized to have a protected way of transaction for large amounts to have smooth and secure movement of funds.

Can I transfer One crore INR form SBI RTGS Form?

The Transfer of One crore is also possible through the RTGS mode of transaction, but the transaction must be between the corporate bank account. Other Bank accounts such as savings or any other will not have that flexibility and security for large amounts of transfer. The limit of SBI corporate internet banking is up to 2000 Crore which is below 10 lakhs for personal account holders.

Why is my SBI RTGS Funds delayed on Saturday?

The transfer of funds will only happen during the working hours of the Bank, thus the second Saturday and fourth Saturday will be a holiday for the State Bank of India. Thus during these exemption days, the amount transfer will not be processed. Customers have to wait for the next working day, which might take midday to transfer your funds.

Is there any limit for RTGS movement in a day?

The State Bank of India does not apply any limit on the number of transactions to be made through RTGS by an account holder. Customers can use the SBI RTGS Form mode from the branch or the Net banking facility to transfer the funds through RTGS between the business hours as many times as they wish.

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