Online Check In for Flight, Find Web Check-In Advantages

Complete information on advantages of online check in and safely measures that have to take before boarding in case of web check-in…

Web Check-in or Online Check in

Before discussing the advantages of online CheckIn let us discuss what is online check in. Online check in explained as the procedure in which the passengers are given vantage to confirm their presence on a flight via internet & have the convenience to print their own boarding passes.

This online check in process, provided the passengers to enter the details such as meal options & baggage quantities & select the preferred seat depending upon the carrier & specific flight.

In today’s fast life, time is very important. Nobody wants to spend more time on worthless queues at check inn counters. To avoid these long waiting hours at the airport, the web check in comes to the scene. Now a days everybody aware that every major airline in industry offering the superb web checkin facility as an airport service.

The frequent travelers are the ones who use this facility very often to save their valuable time. In simple words we can say that online check inn provides a smooth flying experience to passengers. This web check inn made available 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.

Importance of Online CheckIn

Let us discuss the process of online check in in brief. For the online checkin process, you just have to visit airline’s website or the website that you have used for booking your flight & then login into your account. Then you have to click on the web check in for your booking. Different airlines have different check-inn procedure which you need to follow. The passengers can select the desired seat & can select the desired meal menu. The luggage can also be check inn.

At the end the passengers provided with a boarding pass which have to take print out, to avoid standing in queue at the airport. The boarding pass emailed to you on the registered email address that may shown at the airport.

Advantages or Benefits of Online Check-In process

  1. Time Saving: Nowadays nobody wants to spend time in unnecessary queues. This web check inn saves time by helping to omit the waiting time at the airport counter. Hence it’s a boon to the passengers specially frequent travelers.
  2. Choosing desired seat: This web check inn process provide the vantage to travelers to choose desired seat before reaching the airport. Those who are nature lovers can look at their window seat to see the nature’s beauty.
  3. Lower fee payment: The possibility of paying a lower fee checked baggage than you would if you paid in person at the time of airport check inn.
  4. Skipping the line: Generally, all airlines have a separate queue for those passengers who have done an online check inn. It can help passengers to get into the security line much faster.
  1. Is web Check-In compulsory for Domestic Flights?

    Yes. It is compulsory to complete web check-in before 48 hours to 60 minutes before arrival of time. This rule is applicable as per government norms. They can charge Rs.200 for domestic flights for airport check-in.

  2. What happened if you don't complete Web check-in as per time?

    There is a chance of Fine from different flights and some flights don't allow boarding if you didn't complete web check-in or not contain print copy of boarding pass.