Bank Ombudsman Complaint Online at RBI CMS Portal

Lodge Banking Complaint online for long-pending at Bank Ombudsman (RBI CMS Portal) under Reserve Bank of India to resolve at an early and to intervene higher authority…

The Reserve Bank of India has got its separate channel which ensures the customer to lodge a complaint online on their service bank using the RBI Complaint Management System form from official web source.

This RBI complaint web portal allows you to complain against the banking institutions, non-banking financial companies which come under the regulation of India’s Central Bank (Reserve Bank of India).

Bank Ombudsman Complaint

RBI has its strict regulations which indeed maintain fraud, illegal activity, and unauthorized bank attempts for both customers and banks, thus through this complaint forum, a customer can move on to Complaint for Bank Ombudsman and put their concerns directly to the Reserve Bank of India.

During the complaint part, you need to have the bank details correctly and the contact person from the bank on whom the complaint is being raised, and thus follow the below steps to Complaint for Bank Ombudsman using the RBI Complaint Management System Website.

How to Complaint for Bank Ombudsman in Online

  1. Visit RBI Complaint Management System
  2. Click on File a Complaint
  3. At the top right side, select your own language to file a complaint
  4. Select the Type of Entity (Bank / NBFC or other)
  5. Enter Mobile Number to receive status updates
  6. Select Area of operation of BO > Select State, District, Bank Name from drop-down
  7. Hover to Is complaint related to the credit card or not. If Yes select Bank > Select Branch > Enter Name and Email
  8. Select Yes / No for (Is complaint sub-judice/under arbitration)
  9. If No, Select Yes / No for written / electronic complaint and the details > Click Next
  10. Fill the Complainant Details > Provide Bank Account Details
  11. Provide Description and Facts of the complaint and click Next
  12. Check Declaration and Next
  13. Select Nomination on whom the complaint raised
  14. Click Next
  15. Enter the code shown
  16. Provide the Attachments if any
  17. Click Submit to lodge a complaint at RBI
  18. Generate PDF if required

That’s it, this complaint will be taken to Reserve Bank India for further investigation. You can check the status of the compliant using the same portal by using the complaint number.

Can I attempt to Complaint for the Bank Ombudsman through Call?

Yes, if you’re not good at getting the details filled, you can try to call the Complaint number through 08000234567 and lodge your complaint. The complaint will be taken directly to RBI and necessary actions will be done based on complaint content provided by the Applicant.

How long will the Complaint take to resolve?

The process of Complaint for Bank Ombudsman will be taken by the Reserve Bank of India compliance department and it will take at least six to eight weeks to resolve. They take enough time to reach an exact situation of compliance and based on their long understanding a fair decision will be taken for updating. During the process, a team of RBI complaints will contact you to get detailed information and the Bank representative.

Do I Need to Provide my Details for a Complaint for the Bank Ombudsman?

Yes, the Customer who is an applicant in this Complaint for Bank Ombudsman will need to submit their Bank account number, name, mobile number and address to verify the customer details. This will help the Complaint Management System team from RBI to reach you and investigate the details in deep.

40 thoughts on “Bank Ombudsman Complaint Online at RBI CMS Portal”

  1. My EMI amounts from my account no xxxxxx deducted per month Rs.3000 by PNB Dhampur Bijnor U.P. eight years. that loan amount Rs.196000 approx. Is still I want to get proper guide line to our deducted EMI surpluses from my loan amount. I 62 years old retired person.

  2. My Complaint is closed but the decision is not known to me on the complaint number. How can I know the details?

  3. I have made the complaint against the state bank of India as I have made the transaction of Rs 10000 but I received only Rs. 500 from the ATM machine but the bank is not ready to provide permission for the CCTV footage it is already 3 months gone. iv

  4. Sir if STATE BANK of India has done a Tranjection off 4000 on 12.11.2018 n ot was not done by the account holde but after giveing sevral complaint amount of 4000 was refunded on 28.8.2019 but due to this faulse transaction i was not able to pay amount off 150000 9n 15.11.2018 this amount was transport cost off my purchased goods from a trader for reselling cost of the goods was 4000000 my purchase selling was at 9000000 lacks as per mrp it was of 12000000.
    Sir how can i get my loos recovered by STATE of India indranagar bhootnath branch.Sir after making regular requests to show me the video footage of date 12.11.2018 so that i can get my loos covered by the person responsible for it but Branch Manager Aditya kumar is hiding facts related to my account.I m sure it was done by EMPLOYEE off STATE BANK of India indranagar bhootnath branch giveing money on intrest as loon to others.

  5. Complaint no. 202021010020039 has been closed, But the decision has not been conveyed to us, how can I know it.

  6. Your complaint 202021014020673 is closed, View your complaint details online, using RBI Complaint Management System Portal, Esse cheak kaise karo ki kya branch ne answer Diya hai

  7. Complaints id no. 202021326000790
    Dated 08.02.2021 against CGRGB raipur cg sundar nagar

    File close giving reason 9 (3) a Explain?

  8. मी शुभांगी सदानंद केळुस्कर मूथूटकरपोरेटमधून लोन घेतल लागडाऊन मूळे पैसे भरता आले नाही आणि माझे पती यांचे देहात झाले बैक केतून मला नोटीस आली कि पैसे एक ते तीस तारीख पयत पैसे भरा नाही तर गोल्ड विकल जाईल मी त्यान रिकवेश केली तरी ते फोन करून सागितले पैसे भरा नाही तर गोल्ड विकल जाईल आणि मी फोन केला कि मी पैसे भरते येऊन गावी बँकेत तर सागितले येऊ नका मूब ई ला मुकूट शाखेत भरा पण पता सागितला नाही फोन केला तर गोल्ड विकल सांगण्यात आले आणि उतर नीट देत नाही आपण कूपया मला मदत करा

  9. RBI is making foolish to banking customers, I had registered a complaint against PNB vide complaint number 202021007013599, Whenever I tried to track its status, it shows an invalid complaint number, It is better to register a case against the bank and make a party to BO RBI, Modi Govt ke time bank belgam ho gye hain.

  10. This card has been canceled and not accepted by me, The dispute is registered, Payment billed cannot be made as the query has not been resolved, Also I have mentioned time and again as to why I don’t need a card but still, forcing it on me, I am left with no option other than raising this issue with the ombudsman, Even now I am telling to simply cancel this simply save the card as I do not need the same.

  11. Thirumani நான் கல்விக் கடனுக்காக நான் கல்விக் கடனுக்காக

    நான் கல்விக் கடனுக்காக வித்யா லட்சுமி கல்வி கடனுக்காக அப்ளை செய்தேன் எஸ் பி ஐ சிறுசேரி கிளை அவர்கள் கேட்கும் அனைத்து ஆவணங்களும் கொடுத்தோம் மூன்று ஆண்டுகளுக்கு கல்விக் கடனாக 2 லட்சத்து 70000 கேட்டும் கேட்டு தேதி 2020/09/09 அன்று அனைத்தும் அப்ளை செய்து கொள்ளவும் ஆனால் எஸ்பி பாங்கில் ரூபாய் 150000 உங்கள் மகள் படிப்பிற்கு இந்தத் தொகைதான் 3 ஆண்டுகளுக்கு மொத்தமாக கொடுக்கும் தொகை இவ்வளவுதான் உங்கள் மகள் படிக்கும் படிப்பிற்கு 5000 இல்லை என்றால் பத்தாயிரம் இவ்வளவுதான் செலவு ஆகும் எனவே நாங்கள் கொடுக்கும் தொகையை அதிகம் நீங்கள் கொடுக்கும் தொகையை கேட்கும் தொகையை கொடுக்க முடியாது என்று கூறி விட்டார்கள் மீண்டும் நான் முயற்சி செய்து பேசிப் பார்த்தேன் கல்லூரி கொடுத்த கல்வி கட்டண ஆவணங்கள் 2 லட்சத்து 70 ஆயிரம் அதற்கான ஆவணங்களை சமர்ப்பித்தோம் ஒரு ஆண்டுக்கு 90000 ஆயிரம் கொடுத்தால்தான் இந்த ஆண்டு செமஸ்டர் தேர்வு எழுத முடியும் இல்லையென்றால் கல்லூரி அனுமதிக்காது என்று எவ்வளவோ எடுத்துச் சொல்லியும் வங்கி அதிகாரிகள் கேட்கவில்லை நாங்கள் கொடுக்கும் தொகை மட்டும் கேளுங்கள் என்று கூறி விட்டார்கள் நான் பலமுறை முயற்சி செய்தேன் அதன் பிறகு 2020/12/05 உங்கள் கல்வி கடன் ரத்து செய்துள்ளோம் இன்று வங்கி மேலாளர் ஒரே ஒரு லெட்டர் கொடுத்தார் அதில் என்னுடைய கையொப்பத்தை வாங்கிவிட்டார் இதை சொல்வதற்கு இரண்டு மாதங்கள் ஆகிவிட்டது நான் ஏற்கனவே ஆர்பிஐ புகார் கூறி உள்ளேன் அந்தப் புகாருக்கு வங்கிகள் அதிகாரிகள் கூறியது இவர் கணக்கில் மாதம் மாதம் வேலை செய்த சம்பளம் வருகிறது இவர் ஒரு கம்பெனியில் வேலை செய்கிறார் ஆனால் எங்களுக்கு கொடுத்த வருமான சான்றிதழ் நான் ஒரு விவசாயி என்று தவறான சான்றிதழ் கொடுத்துள்ளார் எனவே அவருடைய மகளின் கல்விக்கடனை ரத்து செய்கிறோம் என்று புகாருக்கு விளக்கம் அளித்துள்ளார் இது என்ன நியாயம் இது என்னிடம் கூறி அதற்கான சான்றிதழை என்னிடம் கேட்டிருக்கலாம் நான் செய்யும் கம்பெனியில் சரியான சம்பள ரசீது கொடுப்பதில்லை அங்கு யாரும் கேட்பதில்லை சாதாரண கம்பெனி பணத்தை மட்டும் அக்கவுண்டில் போடுவார்கள் சம்பள பில் கிடையாது இதையெல்லாம் இவர்கள் கூறும் முடியுமா எனவே இ-சேவை மையத்தில் வருமான சான்றிதழ் பெற்றேன் இதில் என்ன தவறு பணம் கொடுப்பது ஈரோடு மக்களின் கல்விக் கடனுக்காக கடனை திருப்பி செலுத்துவது என் மகள் படித்து முடித்து வேலைக்கு சென்ற பிறகு இதில் என்னுடைய வருமான சான்றிதழ் எதற்கு இதெல்லாம் புரியவில்லை இதற்கு என்ன நடவடிக்கைகள் புரியவில்லை யாரிடம் புகார் கூறுவது என்று தெரியவில்லை அரசு ஆணையிடுகிறது கல்விக் கடனுக்காக நான்கு லட்சம் வரை எந்த ஒரு ஜாமீன் தேவையில்லை என்று கூறுகிறது வங்கி அதிகாரிகள் என்னுடைய சம்பளம் கேட்கிறார் என்னவென்று புரியவில்லை யாரிடமும் இதை சொல்லுவது உங்களுக்கு தெரிந்தால் கூறுங்கள் இதுதான் உண்மை இந்த வைரஸ் நோயால் அனைவரும் பொருளாதாரம் இழந்து உள்ளோம் இதற்கும் அரசுதான் உதவி செய்ய வேண்டும் நான் கேட்பது கடன்தான் இலவசமல்ல நன்றி வணக்கம்

  12. Dear sir/Ma’am,

    I have filed two complaints having complaint number as 202021304001641 and 202021304001642, On fraudulent account are operated by two commercial bank at Pune so, take necessary strict legal action against this banks mention in the complaint and revert my fund of Rs.135k, Kindly do needful as the earliest

  13. Dear Team
    I have raised a Complaint against axis bank Pvt Ltd bank ( branch – Mahavir Enclave, Dabri)complaint no 202021014013055 but today dated – (4th December 2020) I received a message that the complaint has been closed, But the decision has not been conveyed to us, how can I know it. Bank deducted my amount 27000rs without my consent. Pls, rectify asap. The bank is not taking any serious action and stretching this matter since 1 n half yr.

  14. Sir my complaint no202021007015342 has been showing closed but I did not understand the reason pl er open my complaint call to me, your office sir I hope you will be lesson my grievances
    Tele phone 9805157113

    Dalip sigh
    Thanks, sir

  15. Tipusultan Betageri
    M — 9353220675
    Sir / Madam.
    My complaint no is — 202021002006732.
    What is the present status of my Complaint? Pls take care & give the decision/display the result as soon as possible. All my committee members r eagerly waiting for ur fabulous decision.

    U all might have seen that when the Employee makes a small mistake like rude/unfair behaviour with client OR make some small mistake like not giving / exchange of old Indian currency/notes/coins of around 100 or 300 rupees,
    the manager or employee r strictly transferred & also cut 2 increments, for such a small mistake.

    So we all r waiting with a hunger to Know the decision of my complaint as to whether the Respected Ombudsman sir/ madam will remove the employee from service throughout or WILL suspend

  16. CMS NEW DELHI III IS NOT RESPONDING TO THE TELEPHONE CALL, ALSO CLOSING GENUINE COMPLAINTS WITH OUT GIVING REASONS, How to challenge this OMBUDSMAN for his actions, My complaint no 202021022003931 which is lodged third time is not responded.

  17. I have raised a complaint number 201920002021367 for a fraud taken place in my S.B A/c with Vijaya Bank (Now Bank of Baroda). I have received a message saying that to to track the complaint throough RBI MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PORTAL. When I track my complant number using complaint number, the reply from “” is “please enter a valid complaint number”. If I go through “Search by mobile number”, then the reply is “No complaint exists”. If I go through”Search by Email ID”, then the reply is “No Records Found”.
    There after I found a number to directly lodge a complaint through 08000234567. when I called this number at 8.28 am on 11.11.2020 (Today), the person who resoonded to ny call says “wrong number”. Please let me the result. My mobie number: 9449832845

  18. I have received a message on 4.11.2020, that my complaint 202021001009598 has been registered and that I can track my complaint online using the RBI Complaint Management System portal. But when I tried I am receiving a message that my complaint doesn’t exist. Please let me know my cell no. 9994489773 whether I have to try in any other source.

  19. Dear Sir, My complaint No 202021007011982 dated 11 Oct 2020 has been closed but the decision is not conveyed to me, How I can know the decision or when the Central Bank of India will credit the money to my pension account, Please send a reply on mobile No 9997075808.

    Madan Lal Sharma

  20. I am taking a small loan in COVID application and he has to me and my all mobile constant this, not the right way to collection department message toa my all contact and my friends this way not right please take legal action this.

  21. I got a message like this type, Your complaint 201920002010147 is closed, View your complaint details online, using RBI Complaint Management System Portal. But the decision has not been conveyed to us, how can I know it. contact me:9611774082, 8050353436.

    Please resolve my complaint

  22. Your complaint 201920002010147 is closed. View your complaint details online, using RBI Complaint Management System Portal. But the decision has not been conveyed to us, how can I know me:9611774082, 8050353436., Please resolve my complaint.

  23. My complaint no : 202021016001724 has been closed as per message received from AX-CMSRBI, but decision of the same is still awaited. What should I do it now.

  24. My complaint no 202021021003993 has been closed, but the decision is not yet, how can do it. please help me.
    Dear Sir,
    I have taken a home loan from Bank of Baroda on 07 July 2018 (i.e. 27 months ago) but yet I have not received PMAY Subsidy as well as I faced the loss of interest paid on the loan.
    Other banks give application id in 27 days only but in this case now 27 months over but till the time I am waiting for the same.
    Please confirm when will I get my application id and subsidy. Waiting for your positive and swift response by revert email.
    Thank you!
    Sandeep Vishnu Aher
    Mobile # 9404686207

  25. Message received that my complaint no.201920011030856 closed, but I could not receive any detail, nor my a/c credited, Now what should I do.

  26. Date: September 02,2020
    Complaint no. 202021016000184 has been closed yesterday, But the decision has not been conveyed to us, how can I know it.

  27. Subject: Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006 – Complaint No: 202021002000217

    Can any one know the status of this complaint ? RBI is typically a govt organization so it takes weeks to get the redress addressed.

  28. Dear Sir,

    Please revert the status of complaint no 201920302004570 dated 19-06-2020 against Near buy group of Paytm payments group. The status is not updated on the CMS Portal.

    • Complaint no 201920002011666 has been closed. SBI has debited just Rs 40000 to my account out of Rs120000, What about the remaining Rs 80000, I am very unhappy and not at all satisfied with the bank’s decision.

  29. मुद्रा लोन एसबीआई बैंक नहीं पड़ती है 1 डिस्ट्रिक्ट एटा तहसील अलीगंज पटियाली का सीन

  30. My complaint no 201920325002296 has been closed, but the decision is not yet something 5 months ago, how can do it. please help me.

  31. सर मैन 30 जून2020 को शिकायत की है मुझे 201920304003123 यह शिकायत नंबर मिला है और शिकायत प्रोग्रेस बता रहा है पर फिर मेरे ईमेल आईडी पर दुसरा शिकायत नंबर202021021001642 यह नंबर मिला है पर शिकायत ट्रॅक करता हुँ तो इस शिकायत नंबर पर ओटीपी नहीं आ रहा है सर और कितने दिन लग जाएँगे प्लीज बताओ.

  32. Complaint no. 201920013014340 has been closed, But the decision has not been conveyed to us, how can I know it.

  33. When I complain, it asks for the Mobile number. when I give mobile number, it shall verify the mobile number before submitting the Complaint, because to tack the complaint later, it will send an OTP to a registered mobile number, in the case during I give a wrong mobile number by mistake, it’s not possible to get OTP and can’t track at all, Could you please resolve this, and also if possible could you update the correct mobile number: 9986346257 against my Complaint No 202021002001181.


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