How to Complaint Punjab National Bank Online

Do check the new process about how to lodge a complaint online for Punjab National Bank (PNB) services which are not resolved automatically during the stipulated time…

Punjab National Bank has been trying to serve its customers better and in the view of the same, they have got numerous services for them, where the online and offline compliant options are very easily reachable to customers, such that they can get their issues resolved very soon.

It is always asked to reach the nearest branch manager and make a direct complaint regarding any component with their account, and the manager is the first point of contact who can take immediate redressal on your complaint.

An acknowledgment receipt will be given to the customer, so that they can use the same to track their complaint from anywhere and get updated.


A customer who has raised his online Punjab National Bank complaint and if they are not happy with their resolution of his grievances. The final report of their issue if it is not satisfied, then customers can reach the Banking Ombudsman of their respective account branch to directly report an issue.

How to Complaint PNB Online

Here we get you a detailed process to get the online complaint raised for your Punjab National Bank service, so make sure you follow these steps correctly and get the receipt of complaint.

  1. Visit the official website of Punjab National Bank Online at to reach to official web page
  2. Click on Lodge Complaint from the menu options
  3. Selects option as Online Complaint and to reach to the new page
  4. If the request is not urgent, use Online Service Request option
  5. In the CGSMS Form, Select the type of customer form drop down
  6. Enter your account number followed with other details
  7. Enter your details in Compliant form and add Remarks at the end
  8. Now enter the Security code and then click on Submit button
  9. The complaint with respective details will be accepted by the online Punjab National Bank platform and will be sent to the concerned team. The acknowledgment receipt received can be tracked online and thus it will be a source to get your request status.

How soon will the Punjab National Bank Online Complaint be resolved?

The resolution time of a Punjab National Bank Online Complaint will be based on their nature of service support. The status of the complaint will be available online within 24 hours of span and later the exact time of the status will be shown. Maximum 7 to 14 days will be taken by the customer service to resolve an issue.

What if I have lost my Acknowledgement Receipt for PNB Complaint?

There are no worries if a customer has lost their acknowledgment receipt for their Punjab National Bank Complaint. They can anytime call the customer service number and ask them about their request they have raised to get its status then. It is a must to provide the details about account numbers and others to verify your identity overcall.

Can customer issues with bank facilities be asked in PNB Complaint?

Yes, Punjab National Bank does give a free platform for the customer to reach out to them from anywhere. The complaint about the facility and other issues with the PNB branch can be raised in the online forum, such that the representative will take proper action to provide better service to customers from thereafter.