PNB SMS Banking with New SMS Codes for Many Services

PNB Bank customer who has their bank account linked with mobile can avail the features of SMS banking, through this option, customers get more information about their PNB account in a quick way, and most importantly, there is no need for internet banking facility connected to your Mobile device.

PNB SMS Banking

It is quite a smile by using the SMS codes provided by Punjab National Bank, and customers are provided with a Toll-free number by the bank and if they face any difficulty or error, then they need to re-register their mobile number with the bank.

Customers must check that their mobile number is D&D free and registered with your Linked bank account, and you can get your account balance, mini statement and latest transaction details through SMS.

If your network is well, then in less than 5 seconds the request you sent will be accepted and the result SMS will be displayed on your screen, and customers can use toll free numbers 1800 120 2223 and 0120-2303090 tolled numbers to avail the facility of SMS banking.

How to Avail SMS Banking Feature

PNB provides toll free number and toll number, customers can use any number based on availability, so make sure to register your mobile number for your bank account and follow these steps to get an SMS facility from PNB bank.

  • Dial the number with your Registration Number
  • Select the preferred Language from list of options heard
  • Now opt the feature you want to check or send the following SMS code
  • Call will be disconnected once you avail opt any option during call and selected detailed information will be sent to your mobile through SMS.

PNB SMS Banking Codes

Service Type SMS Syntax Message Code Sent to
List of PNB Services PNB PROD 5607040
Balance Enquiry BAL <16 Digit Account Number> 5607040
Mini Statement Inquiry MINISTMT <16 Digit Account Number> 5607040
Self Transfer Of Funds  (daily Limit Rs.5000) SLTRF <From A/C> <To A/C> <Amount> 5607040
Cheque Status Enquiry CHQINQ <Cheque Number> <16 digit account number> 5607040
Stop Payment of  Cheque STPCHQ <Cheque No> <16 Digit Account Number> 5607040
Disable Your Internet Banking Password BLOCK IBS 9264092640 / 5607040
Disable Mobile Banking Password BLOCK MBS 9264092640 / 5607040
PNB SMS Banking Codes List

How Can I Check my PNB Account Balance Through SMS?

Yes, customers who have registered their mobile number with a PNB account can check their Account Balance with SMS, so customers need to Call 100 180 2223 toll free number or 0120 2303090 tolled number and select option in call, bank message with Account balance details will be sent.

How to Activate SMS banking Service in PNB?

The access to use SMS banking in PNB bank needs to be done by applying form offline, so visit your nearest PNB Bank branch and submit the SMS banking form, which registers your mobile number with the bank, and once activated, customers will be allowed to use SMS services and receive bank messages.

How to Get PNB Bank Statement?

If you have availed PNB Online banking facility, then you need to login with your Credentials to Retail Internet Banking Page, and once login to PNB, you can use the option of Statement and get the same downloaded in the form of PDF to your device.

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