Business Letter Format With Examples

When to use a Business Letter Whenever we need to do formal business communication, we use a business letter. Some common situation arises in the company or place where you need to send a formal business letter, I am just enlisting a few of those situations – 1. Formal Correspondence – If you want to

HDFC Bank Share Price, Target, FV, Bonus, Split & Price History

Presenting complete details on HDFC Bank Share Price with live today market update, Watch HDFC Bank share price target, price history from 1995 to 2023, split and bonus info along with date of listing in market… HDFC Bank Limited is among the top most banks in India as it is well known all across the

Gold Price History Upto 2023 (Check Every Day Update)

Price of Gold changes daily and the value said below is subjected, thus Gold price history in every month can be changed to increase or decrease value after midnight stock Global international value, and we present the live rates from various sources for 10gms, so you may check the actual gold rate before purchase. Gold

Lead Price History (Updated Price)

In India, Lead price is calculated in Kg because it is a mineral wealth material which is predominantly mined across the world and India as well. While, the lead price history in India has been growing year on year as per the Lead price chart. If you want to invest in Lead or any company

Crude Oil Price History Updated Chart for 1 BBL (Barrel)

In India, Crude Oil is used across different operations for refining for further fuel processes and in others as well. The two companies which process crude oil in India are MCX and OTC which define their own crude oil price. OTC has two crude oil sources which are Brent Crude oil and WTI crude oil

Platinum Price | Today Platinum Rate | Platinum Price History

Find Platinum rate today (07.05.2023) in India as per commodity live market applicable for traders, investors, Check Platinum Price History for long period… Platinum is one of the rarest elements that is mostly used in terms of jewellery. It is one of the most important commodities used by Traders and Investors. As the rate of

Silver Price History in India

The Silver price is directly proportional to the demand, buying, selling and production, thus based on this market demand in Indian history affects daily and makes a trade of billions daily. In India, the Silver Rate Today is always affordable but with a stand in the market that has a growing graph, for decades the

Aluminum Price History in India & Spot Rate

Aluminum is a scalable mineral wealth and with over a decade high increase in the spot Aluminium price for buying and investments has started pouring in as well. This is because the market size has grown drastically and the spot Aluminum price mentioned as below per Kg. Considering you would want to buy Aluminum or

Copper Price Updated Per Kg with Spot Rates and History

Copper is known as the economic health Indicator of the nation and it stands the same for India, as Copper Price has been increasing almost by 15% Year on Year which is great for anyone looking for Investment. But before you do so, you would need to understand the spot copper price. Do look at

NSDL CAS on Email for Investment Consolidated Account Statement

Download NSDL CAS from email. Check how to get CAS ID and where to subscribe for Consolidated account statement to get securities estatement… NSDL CAS The NSDL Consolidated account statement consists of Record of Transaction of an investor in the demat account through single statement for Shares, Mutual Funds and others which held with National