Disadvantages of PPF (Public Provident Fund) Account Investment

Do you know what are the disadvantages of PPF account, check the keen observation found on Public Provident Fund account towards, withdrawal rules, locking period and maturity benefits… PPF is the most trusted and widely used saving instrument used by citizens of India, however, the most trusted and widely used instrument for saving also has

Economic Sectors and Types Involved in Country Economy

Find different types of Economic Sectors intervened in country growth. Check what is sector rotation and what happens if companies divided into sectors… The growth of a country or a business truly depends on the economic characters and the various services organized. There are various sectors in an economy which do collaborate with all organizations

PPF Interest Rate History from 1986 to 31st March 2021

Here is the confirmed PPF Interest rate table announced by Government of India till launch of the scheme, check the old and current interest rates applicable to Public Provident Fund account holders of SBI, Post Office or other banks and find whether it is credited in your account as per the announcement and also check

How to Download Zerodha Stock Holding Statement for Financial Year Closing Stock

Login to Zerodha Kite and download or print Zerodha stock holding statement | Submit financial year closing stock report to tax consultant to submit the holdings in income tax returns… It is important to show holding stock for the period ending of financial year. It is all to submit the calculation of income tax on