Lump Sum Calculator to Plan your Investment for Wealth Gain

If you’re aware of Mutual Funds directions thoroughly, then it will be easy to understand about Lump Sum Calculator and its usage, As in mutual Funds Investments there are two types of investment made as SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) and Lump Sum. LumpSum investment can be briefly described when an investor has invested a good

CAGR Calculator – Calculate your Investments Compound Annual Growth Rate

CAGR is refereed as mean annual growth of investment over the specified time duration, and the interest under CAGR is calculated with CAGR Calculator which to be compound per year and it takes time values of money into consideration. The return generated on fixed amount can be shown at the end of the year. The

Today Platinum Rate | Platinum Price Today

Find Platinum rate today (14.05.2021) in India as per commodity live market applicable for traders, investors, Check live price now… Platinum is one of the rarest elements that is mostly used in terms of jewellery. It is one the most important commodities used by Traders and Investors. As the rate of Platinum does have a

Silver Price History in India

The Silver price is directly proportional to the demand, buying, selling and production, thus based on this market demand in Indian history affects daily and makes a trade of billions daily. In India, the Silver Rate Today is always affordable but with a stand in the market that has a growing graph, for decades the

Disadvantages of PPF (Public Provident Fund) Account Investment

Do you know what are the disadvantages of PPF account, check the keen observation found on Public Provident Fund account towards, withdrawal rules, locking period and maturity benefits… PPF is the most trusted and widely used saving instrument used by citizens of India, however, the most trusted and widely used instrument for saving also has