Pocket HRMS for Payroll and Employee HR Management

Detail information on Pocket HRMS, it’s deployment, training, features and also know Pocket HRMS services, integrals and how chatbot useful… Pocket HRMS was previously known as pocket HCM which is a cloud based payroll and human capital management solution. It is a combination of cloud and mobility which automates the payroll process and ensures error

NFL Payslip in PDF from HRMS Login for Required Month

Now NFL employee can download their payslip for any required month in PDF format on login to NFL HRMS portal using ESS login credentials to check their bringing incomes on their recruited pay scale. Just check the new process about how to download the pay slip or print directly… NFL Stands National Fertilizers Limited which

BSNL ERP SAP ESS Portal for Employee HRMS Services

Login to SAP ESS portal BSNL ERP at eportal.erp.bsnl.co.in and configure the settings of IRJ portal with new, Download pay slip and reset locked password with email, view pay information, income tax details, apply leave, apply VRS and more… ERP BSNL One of the main reasons why the BSNL employees should be using the ERP