MPPTCL ESS SAP Portal Login to Access Employee HRMS

Do find the new features indicated on MPPTCL or MP Transco SAP ESS Portal launched to manage employee HRMS, Check the registration and login steps for MPPTCL ESS portal…

The Madhya Pradesh IFMS has recently updated its portals to ensure that all their employees can now browse and receive all benefits, features of employee service through their online HRMS portal itself. Now here we are discussing the MPPTCL ESS Portal which you can also call the employee self-service that means a portal built for employees to take care of HRMS-related actions directly by themselves once they log into their respective accounts.

If you are working with the Madhya Pradesh IFMS then you should already have known about the latest updates and how important it is to make use of the online portal for all the employee necessities going further.

In this article, we are going to first discuss the new features that this platform has brought in and why employees should ensure to access it because of the features we would discuss. At the same time, we will guide on the registration process on the MPPTCL SAP ESS portal along with their login process at the end.

New Features

Well there should be a reason why someone would be interested to create an account and sign up for the latest MP TRANSCO ESS portal, so we have listed out some of the new features that you can take a look at.

  1. Leave approval and view
  2. Salary & Bank account management
  3. MPPTCL Payslip
  4. Medical benefits
  5. Insurance
  6. Attendance update
  7. Income Tax forms like form 16
  8. Reimbursements & bill approval
  9. MPPTCL PF Statement

Follow the instructions mentioned below which will guide you through the quick steps that are needed to be followed to complete your Madhya Pradesh ESS Portal account registration, and before moving forward please ensure that you have your employee details and more information ready for registration to be completed.

MPPTCL ESS Portal Registration Process

  1. First, you need to open the MPPTCL ERP Portal official webpage from here
  2. Click on the register button and then enter your account details
  3. Name
  4. SSN – Social Security Number or Aadhaar card Number
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Agency Where You Work – Select from the drop-down
  7. Zip code of Residence
  8. Net Pay on Most Recent Paycheck
  9. Click on the Next button and enter your email address, phone number, username, and password
  10. Finally, click on the submit button to complete registration

Once you have completed your registration process then you can follow the below-mentioned steps that will help you understand how to login to MP ESS Portal online easily.

MP ESS Portal Login Process

  1. You can directly open the Madhya Pradesh PTCL ESS Portal official website at
  2. Enter your username under the userbox
  3. Provide the password under the password box
  4. Cross-check the details and then click on the Log On button to log in to your MPPTCL (MP Transco) ESS Portal

After login to the portal, the employee can check all the career details towards Pay, Leave, and Claims, and also if any employee forgot the password can have a choice to reset the MPPTCL portal password at any time

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