MPPTCL Payslip Password Recovery with New Process

If you are a working employee of MPPTCL, you may have an option to recover your payslip login password with new process in online or offline, find the new steps involved to get reset…

MPPTCL (MP Power Transmission Company Ltd) is a state-owned power transmission company of India, which has been serving India with power consumption methods since 2002, and there are numerous employees who are serving the MPPTCL company with giving efficient and reliable power sources to everyone.

Thus MPPTCL does bring an option to get their Payslip viewed form online, as well as giving them the option to reach the official directly, and it might happen that the employees forget their user id or password in the due time.

MPPTCL Login Password Recovery

To get it resolved, and MPPTCL has a dedicated email address to provide the support and employees otherwise can make it to the department office to get the password reset done quickly.

How to Reset Forgotten Password for MPPTCL

If you have forgotten the MPPTCL Pay Slip portal password, then do follow these steps and get it to reset quickly, as there is no online method, employees can ask for a password in the below-given format to MPPTCL officials.

Offline Method

Send a written letter with the details of the password reset to the Webmaster by providing the details for user confirmation, and the letter to be sent to “To the Webmaster, MPPTCL, Jabalpur” with the body containing employees User ID, Username, Contact Number. This letter can be given to the department Nodal officer directly to reset the password quickly.

The details will be verified and based on the request; a new password will be sent to the employee in quick time.

MPPTCL Payslip Password Request Online Method

Employees can also use the official email address of the MPPTCL Online portal, to request for a password reset, send an email to with your password reset details and with a duly signed recommended letter for user confirmation.

Password reset through MPPTCL email request, will be processed faster than using the offline process.

Can we reset MPPTCL Pay Slip Password Online?

No, there is no direct link for an employee to get their MPPTCL Pay Slip password reset to be done directly. Employees should follow a sequence of steps through letter or email address to report the request and get their password reset to be done in the same manner.

Forgot my MPPTCL User ID for Pay Slip Download?

The user id of an employee is the employee ID which is being given to them as their employment code, and the same employee ID can be seen from previous payslips or any of the documents supplied by the MPPTCL to them.

Can we request to change MPPTCL User ID?

The MPPTCL Pay Slip User ID is the Employee Code assigned to every employee, and there is no way, then an employee wishes to change their User ID, as it is unique for every employee, and this is how the official segregates the employees and can work to provide their pay slip in an easy manner.

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