EJanma for Karnataka Citizen Birth & Death Services Online

eJanma in Karnataka provides Birth and death information in online through webportal. Netizen can check application status and may have eJanma certifcate download in online along with certification verification and more..

The Government of Karnataka has launched website which is dedicated to providing all their citizens with digital online services to get details for birth, death and stillbirth certificates electronically all over Karnataka.

e Janma Karnataka was launched in 2014 as an initiative to digitize and provide all birth, death and stillbirth certificates electronically. Every citizen understands the importance of birth, death and stillbirth certificates as they are required for different processings. So, through this website you are able to find the eJanma certificate verification and download them easily.

In this article, we will give you a brief idea about how eJanma Karnataka website works and how citizens can register and login to check their certificate status and download them as well.

How eJanma Karnataka Website Works

eJanma has village accounts, health officers and then private hospitals who report and register these in, and then the certificates are issued by the institute once application status is approved.

Usually the processing time is suggested to be more than 2-4 weeks as there can be lots of requests for certificate approval and once approved, you can go to official website to download your certificate.

eJanma Account Registration

Please note that the official portal account is only available to registrars and operators who have to register and update certificate details in the web portal. So, the citizens receive a certificate registration number which they can use to search for their application status and then download the certificate.

So, simply means Karnataka citizens do not require account registration and is not available to them as well.

eJanma Login

As you already know only the registrars and operators who have their accounts created by eJanma can use the login process below to login to their account, so follow the below steps.

  1. Open the official website from here https://ejanma.karnataka.gov.in/
  2. Then click on the login button on the left sidebar on the homepage
  3. Next on the login page, enter your username and password
  4. Then enter the captcha shown in the image in the box given beside
  5. Now click on login button and you will be logged into your account

eJanma Application Status Check

Once you receive your certificate registration number you can use it in order to check eJanma application status for citizen from their official website portal.

Please note that you either need the registration number or sakala number to check your certificate status. Also, there are two options to either check your application status for Correction of Name Inclusion

  1. You can open the official website portal https://ejanma.karnataka.gov.in/
  2. click on the Application Status option from the left sidebar on the homepage.
  3. Eter all the details and select the options on the Application Status page
  4. click on the Submit button to get your certificate application status.

eJanma Certificate Download for Citizens

Once you understand that your certificate has been approved by checking the certificate status, you can now head on to downloading your eJanma certificate download online.

Please note that you will be able to access the website where you can download certificate from official website portal by clicking on Download Certificate but it will give you user manual to be followed. You can follow the user manual or visit Seva Sindhu official website by Government of Karnataka through which you can download your eJanma certificate.

  1. How to Download Birth Certificate Online Karnataka

    You will need to download a birth certificate online in Karnataka from Seva Sindhu official website portal and you will need to be logged in to download your birth certificate as it shows in your account under applications.

  2. How to Register eJanma

    eJanma registration is only for registrars and operators or other employees who update the eJanma official portal website with certificate registrations and details but the eJanma registration is not for citizens.

  3. How can I register my birth certificate online in Karnataka?

    You can only register your birth certificate at hospitals or government allotted centers and then check the birth certificate status online in Karnataka. But you cannot register for a birth certificate online in Karnataka.

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