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Complete Citizen services available in MPOnline web portal | Make bill payments, Get certificates, Find Reservation, Make Donation and more at MPOnline portal…

Madhya Pradesh has been on the path to the digitization of all its services allowing state citizens to enable and apply for more than dozens of schemes and services online.

At the same time, they can also make their online payment for a lot of bills and services making things easier. But the services are aimed towards all citizens across the state of Madhya Pradesh online portal includes students and the general public as well.

In this article, we will learn about important services and schemes that the MPOnline platform offers to its citizens.


If you are someone new to the platform then as a citizen you would initially need to create your profile with the portal as said by 99employee by following the below instructions.

ServiceMP Online Limited
StateMadhya Pradesh
MottoCitizen Services through one login interface
Customer Care07556720200
Kiosk Related queries at07556644830, 831, 832

How to Register in MPOnline

  1. Go to the user registration page from
  2. Click on New User and you will be redirected to new user registration page
  3. Fill all your personal details as required
  4. Click on the register button
  5. You will receive OTP to your registered mobile number and once you enter it, your account will create and confirm.

Now that you have created your account through the above process. Next, would be for you to log in to your account by following the below steps.

MPOnline Login

  1. Open the MPOnline homepage at and then from the top right corner click on Login button
  2. Select user type as citizen from the given drop down option
  3. Enter your username, password and next enter the captcha code from the question
  4. Finally click on the submit button and your account will be logged in now.

As you already know that MP Online is an all in one portal to ensure all services and schemes bill payments can be made online. You can also make your Madhya Pradesh electricity bill payment by following the instructions below.

MPOnline Electricity Bill Payment Online

  1. Open the portal
  2. Click Citizen Services > Bill Payments
  3. Click Electricity to open MPOnline electricity bill payment page
  4. Tap on the option Request for MPEB Bill Details or Electricity Bill Payment Bhopal or Online Electricity Bill Payment -Indore/Ujjain Circle
  5. Depending upon your circle, select the second or third option and continue forward
  6. Select the bill company type and then enter your application number
  7. Enter the amount to pay and complete your bill payment

MPOnline APSU – MPOnline SIS Login

APSU stands for Awadhesh Pratap Singh University affiliated with Board Of Education of Madhya Pradesh and students can access their APSU online portal to get more information about the university courses, subject and curriculum.

Each student is provided with their own login information once they join the university and they can use this information in order to log in to the MPOnline SIS account. The APSU SIS account stands for Student Information System Login Page and you can login by following the below steps

  1. First open the MP Online APSU SIS login page from
  2. Enter your username, password, captcha code and then click on the login button

MPOnline Helpdesk – Grievance System

All the Madhya Pradesh citizens have different schemes, services and a lot of times there might be issues with them. In those cases you can simply follow the steps below that will help you understand how you can file a complaint or grievance.

Part 1 – Create an Account

  1. Open the MPOnline Helpdesk online portal from here
  2. Then on the page click on Create an Account page and then register with your phone number
  3. Next you can set your password and use it to post your complaint or grievance.

Part 2 – Post a Complaint/ Grievance

  1. Go to the helpdesk portal and then click on open new ticker
  2. Next fill all your details and then simply click on the submit button

Part 3 – Check Grievance Status

  1. Go to the helpdesk portal and click on Check Grievance Status and then login with your account
  2. In the next page you can check all your grievance and their status

What is MPOnline BED HED?

MPOnline has also launched a sub portal for the Department of Board of Higher Education through which all the High Education activities and notifications may release to both the institutions and students as well.

What is ePravesh MPOnline?

The Madhya Pradesh Department of Board of Higher Education launched the ePravesh MPonline portal through which students will come to know the courses. Subjects available at different streams, and education levels. At the same time, they can go through eligibility and process to apply for each of their selected courses online.

Is Vikram University can access from MPOnline?

Vikram University is one of the finest universities in the state of Madhya Pradesh. MPOnline provides a sub portal that access for students to log in to their university student’s portal.

How can we access PEB MPOnline?

PEB MPOnline stands for Professional Examination Board. You can access from, and this portal allows user registration for students who want to appear for PEB exams.

Can download Aadhaar Card in MP Online web portal?

If you want to download an Aadhaar card for Madhya Pradesh citizens, please understand that you cannot download it from MPOnline official website. Aadhaar cards can only download from the UIDAI official website.