Check LIC Loan Interest Amount Online before Payment

Find your LIC loan interest amount in online and plan your payment accordingly to avoid additional interest on interest due against your insurance policy…

Life Insurance has become an important valuable asset to Indians and the help from the LIC organization in order to provide life turning policies has been of great help by providing LIC online payment and other digital facilities for most of the products.

LIC Loan Interest

If you have a LIC of your own then you will also know that you may get loans and each of these loans comes with some interest that you have to pay, and the total interest is paid in installments via the Policy premiums that you have applied for.

If it’s your first time then you might be confused as to the interest rates for your LIC loan and ways to check it as well, and in this article, we will clearly guide you about the LIC premier services through the aspects through which you can understand more about the ways you can know LIC loan interest amount from online.

Check LIC Loan Interest Amount Online

  1. Open
  2. Enter User ID > Password > Date Of Birth > Click Sign In and wait till the page loads
  3. Click Online Payments
  4. Hover and Click on Loan Interest Payment
  5. Select Loan Insurance Policy Number (Displayed only if having loan against policy)
  6. Check the details and Move on Payment if ready to pay LIC loan interest online
LIC Loan Interest Online

Is there any difference in LIC interest shown in online and branch?

No, Interest amount adds daily and will be the same in branch and in the online portal, so you can take this as an authorized.

Can we pay the total loan interest against insurance policy in online?

There are two options like part payment (as on date) and the complete amount for the closure of the loan, so you can check and opt for anything at your convenience.

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