AP Teachers Pay Slip from Treasury Web Portal

AP Teachers who are government employees can use alternate sites that are available to check their pay slip details in online, and if the head department office is reachable, then it is preferred to get Offline Pay Slip taken, and here we will get you detailed steps to know your monthly salary details.

Andhra Pradesh (AP) Employee Pay Slip is an important sheet which everyone awaits off, as it allows them to calculate their Gross, Deduction, and Net Paid amount, and the Andhra Pradesh Government is now building a detailed website called AP CFMS, which still needs to be updated.

Requirements of AP Teachers Pay Slip

Any government employee who is serving under Teachers education department in Andhra Pradesh, needs to have their Treasury ID with them, where the official department will allocate a unique ID number for every government employee servicing Teachers Department.

As it is known earlier, AP Teachers Pay Slip can only be viewed in Excel format and their multiple links provide, we will be using teachers service to know your respective Pay Slip online.

AP Teachers Pay Slip View

  1. Launch your Firefox browser and search for https://treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/index.php# in URL bar
  2. Go to Net Services to Public, Employee Operations, Pay Particulars
  3. Enter your Treasury ID
  4. Click on Submit button and let the page authenticate your ID
  5. In new Tab you will view, your salary listed in pdf format
  6. Pay slip can be downloaded to local device to view better, and that’s it, the required Pay Slip for Treasury ID will be loaded and once employee their details
  7. Take a print out to download the Pay Slip details for further usage.
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  1. Can I take this print out as proof to Apply Loan?

    No, the AP Teachers Payslip which is downloaded using the above process is only for informative purposes, and thus, anyone who is willing to apply for any Kind of Loan, must get this printed AP Teachers Pay Slip attested with the Head of Department, and only then this will act as an official proof of employee Salary.

  2. Forgot my Treasury ID, What to Do?

    As the Treasury ID is important to get Andhra Pradesh Teachers Pay Slip, the respective employee is advised to reach their nearest Department Office and apply to get a Treasury ID associated with this employment.

  3. How Does AP Teachers Pay Slip Look?

    Pay Slip is a document issued by Andhra Pradesh Government Department heading Teachers Service, and It does contain employee components for the month and all information about earning and deduction, where this all information will be provided in a single page to have a better view of months eating.

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