Minimum Wage Manitoba and Working Hours

The lowest hourly amount that employers are obligated to pay their employees by law in Manitoba is the minimum wage.

Minimum wage rates might change over time, so it’s important to check for the most recent information from trustworthy sources, such the labor department or the official website of the Manitoba government.

The purpose of minimum wage regulations is to ensure that workers get a minimum amount of income and fair recompense for their labour. It is intended to safeguard workers from unreasonably low pay and advance a respectable level of living.

Minimum Wage Manitoba
Minimum Wage Manitoba

Minimum Wage Manitoba

In Manitoba, Canada, the minimum wage will change as of April 1, 2023. The hourly minimum wage has gone hiked from CA$13.50 to CA$14.50.

Must Everyone Earn At least Minimum Wage

Unless they are exempt from the law or are not covered by provincial employment regulations, all workers must be paid the minimum wage.

  • less than 12 hours per week are worked by domestic employees
  • Election officials, enumerators, and any other temporary personnel appointed under
  • The Elections Act, in an approved provincial or federal training program.

Manitoba Government to Increase Minimum Wage Twice In 2023

  • The hikes began with a $1.55 increase to $13.50 on October 1, 2022, and have since increased by 65 cents to $14.15
  • On April 1 and now by another $1.15 annually to $15.30 on October 1.
  • This October, minimum wage workers in Manitoba will be paid $3.35 more per hour
  • In September 2022, making Manitoba one of the highest minimum wage provinces in Canada.

Note: To strike a balance between the economic hardships experienced by Manitobans at large and those faced by small companies

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Does Manitoba Minimum Wage Apply to Students and Part-Time Employees

  • There are limitations on the types of job that people under the age of 18 are allowed to do.
  • The minimum wage applies equally to all employees regardless of age or the number of hours they work.
  • All employees, regardless of age, are subject to minimal criteria like general holidays, vacations, minimum wage, and termination.

Are Employees, who are Paid Minimum Wage Manitoba, Entitled to Overtime

  • In general, 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week constitute standard working hours.
  • Work done after these hours is considered overtime and must be paid at 1 1/2 times the regular hourly rate of the employee.
  • The majority of workers, including those at minimum wage and part-time employment, get compensated for overtime.

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How often does the minimum wage in Manitoba change?

The Manitoba minimum wage is subject to periodic revision. Government policies and economic considerations are only two examples of the many variables that affect how frequently things change. Usually, changes are made after considerable consideration and consultation.

To stay informed about any changes to the minimum wage, it is advisable to communicate with relevant authorities or verify official sources.

Minimum Wage Manitoba for Reporting to Work

Some scenarios where disclosing salary is necessary include:

  • when a business sends workers home before the planned shift is through because business is slow
  • when an employer sends one or more employee’s home because there are too many individuals scheduled to work
  • scenarios where people report to work while on call
  • when the ability to perform work is hampered by the weather, sending staff home

How much are employees paid for Reporting to Work?

Those expected to work longer than three hours and those who are sent home early when an employer decides to cancel shifts

  • If you put in smaller than three hours, you must get compensated for at least three.
  • If you put in more than three hours, you must be paid for them all.

Note: If employees are scheduled to work less than 3 hours, they must be paid for their entire scheduled shift.

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Are there different minimum wage rates for different types of employees in Manitoba?

Yes, there are many minimum wage rates in Manitoba for various categories of workers. For instance, there can be different pricing for general staff, bartenders, and students.

It’s crucial to consult official sources for precise information on the various categories and any relevant exemptions. Reference:

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