How to Link PAN Card with SBI Account

State Bank of India has made it mandatory to link the PAN card with their Bank accounts. Every individual has to make their PAN card linked with their Bank account to have normal processing of Account.

In failure of not linking the PAN card and SBI account, the account will be suspended and will be restricted to do the truncations.

In this article, we will let you how to get the PAN card linked with your SBI account in quick steps. These would normalize your account processing and customer can make their transaction as normal by linking the Pan card.

Link PAN Card with SBI Account

Here are the steps which can be followed to link the PAN Card with your SBI account. Customers can follow either of the Online Banking option or through Bank branch to get the PAN Card linked with your SBI account.

Link PAN Card with SBI Account in SBI Net Banking

Customer can use their Internet banking cremates by visiting the SBI Online website and follow the below given steps.

  1. Log in to your SBI Internet banking account with your Internet banking credentials
  2. Now Go to the “Profile” section and look for Update PAN
  3. Here Enter your PAN card number and submit the request
  4. These would take some time and your PAN card linked to your SBI account
  5. A confirmation message will be sent once the update happened

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How to Link PAN Card by Visting SBI Branch

Customer can also visit their nearest SBI branch and moreover, the branch in which their account exists.

  1. Get the “Customer Request Form” for linking PAN card from the Forms section
  2. Fill the form with all your details and PAN card number
  3. Submit the filled form along with a self-attested photocopy of your PAN card
  4. Handover the form to bank executive and get the acknowledgment receipt
  5. The update will be made in 24 hours and confirmation message will be send

Why do We need to link PAN card to SBI Account?

Linking your PAN card to your SBI account is a regulatory requirement by the Income Tax Department of India. Through which government track financial transactions, tax compliance, and prevent tax evasion done illegally. PAN linkage is essential for various banking and financial operations, including opening a new bank account, fund transfer and withdrawal of money.

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IS there a Deadline for linking PAN card with SBI Account?

The deadline for linking your PAN card to your SBI account can be seen form the Official website of SBI website and will be based on government regulations. it’s essential to link your PAN card as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience while conducting financial transactions.

Do SBI bank take charges for linking PAN card with SBI Account?

There are no charges for linking PAN card with your SBI account. This process was free of cost as it is one of the Bank requirements to have, they of a customer updated for future reference.

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