GPF Tripura Statement at Accountants General (AG) Online Portal

GPF Tripura statement can download online at AG Tripura eGPF web portal online on login for GPF status and print Provident Fund statement directly online…

General Provident Fund is a service provided by the Government of India for every employee who is working in the department office of their respective state government, and the State Government of Tripura has brought the online accountant general website to provide direct service to the subscriber and the pensioner.

Anyone who is holding employment in the Tripura State Government can use the website and get access to know their different details in a quick way, and as well this is a mobile application that has been created for the benefit of employees to get them to use the different services from Tripura GPF and know their details instantly.

GPF Tripura Statement

The Tripura GPF is a service provided for the employee for their future retirement, and the service can be easily checked, and employees cannot get their details from the official website. will present you with how to check your payment sheet from the Tripura GPF and check how much has been accumulated for their treatment on the Tripura GPF Page.

GPF Tripura Statement Download

  1. Visit to get into the online Tripura GPF site
  2. Click on Online Services and wait for the new page to load
  3. Select your AG office and select Series code from the drop-down
  4. Enter your respective employees GPF number along with the PIN provided
  5. Provide Captcha code and click on the sign-in button to get to the Tripura GPF page
  6. Check your name at the top right corner of the page
  7. In the menu bar, click on a statement and then select the month from the drop-down
  8. Select the respective year of which the Tripura GPF payment sheet to be loaded
  9. That’s it, The Tripura GPF payslip for the respective will be displayed on your screen and you can get your sheet downloaded on your device.

On this Page, employees can access their different details about the Tripura GPF and get their monthly payslip to check how much has been contributed and collected in their respective Tripura GPF.

Tripura GPF Intrest Rates

DateRate of Interest %
01.01.2023 to 01.03.20237.1
01.04.2020 to 31.03.20217.1

How to Record Grievance for the Tripura GPF?

GPF employees can use the Tripura Grievance over the phone or through the redressal link ( from the official website at Contact Us to address their issues. The concerned team will investigate the issue from the Tripura GPF and will reach out to you to ensure that your grievance has been resolved.

Can Tripura GPF be withdrawn anytime?

There are certain rules and regulations that are set by the Accountant General of Tripura, which does ask for multiple reasons to withdraw the amount in advance, and the employee can get their amount withdrawn if they have met the Tripura GPF rules in case of emergency or any certain requirement.

Can Tripura GPF number be changed?

The Tripura GPF number is assigned to the employee during their registration with the department office, and the GPF number will be the same for an employee throughout their working experience, even if the employee has changed in multiple departments or locations, and one Tripura GPF number ensures employers collect proper details and get their collaboration amount in one account for future use.

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