eVerify Income Tax Return in Different Modes

The process of electronically verifying the validity of your online filed Income Tax Return (ITR) is known as eVerification. eVerify Income Tax Return eliminates the requirement to mail a physical copy of the ITR-V to the Centralised Processing Centre (CPC).

eVerification speeds up the processing of your return by removing the requirement to send a physical ITR-V to the CPC. Additionally, it guarantees the privacy of your tax-related data.

eVerify Income Tax Return (ITR) is done to authenticate your tax return electronically without sending a physical copy to the Income Tax Department.

In order to finish the filing process and ensure the validity of the filed return, you must first file your income tax return electronically (ITR) in the appropriate ITR form by using the eVerify tool.

eVerify Income Tax Return

How to eVerify Income Tax Returns

In this page, we bring you multiple methods through which one to eVerify Income Tax Return done. In every process, you can use any of the web links and generate the electronic verification code which may used in the e-filing page of the Income tax department to complete your filling.

Electronic Verification Code (ELECTRONIC VERIFICATION CODE) for Net Banking

  • Enter your net banking login information in your online banking page and find the option to produce an ELECTRONIC VERIFICATION CODE if you want to have your ITR electronically verified from your bank. These will generate a code which used to verify your return on the income tax e-filing system.

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  • This is now a preferred and verified authorization process for e-verification. You can generate an ELECTRONIC VERIFICATION CODE by entering your Aadhaar number and getting an OTP on the mobile number that goes with it. Use this OTP to digitally verify your ITR on the income tax e-filing system.

Details for using a Demat Account by ELECTRONIC VERIFICATION CODE

  • If you have a demat account, you can link it to your PAN to generate an ELECTRONIC VERIFICATION CODE for e-verification. These would extra your e-filing details and will help you track the e-filling from one page.


  • There are few banks that allow customers to create an ELECTRONIC VERIFICATION CODE through their ATMs. To find out if this option is available, contact your bank. Because it is only applicable for a few banks and one has to verify form customer services before going with this process.

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ELECTRONIC VERIFICATION CODE utilizing Pre-Validated Bank Accounts

  • On the income tax e-filing portal, you can pre-validate your bank account. Once finished, you can generate an ELECTRONIC VERIFICATION CODE for e-verification using this pre-validated account. These will let your E-Verify process complete at the Bank end.

Physical Verification (Sending ITR-V)

  • You can send a signed copy of the ITR-V (Acknowledgment) to the Centralised Processing Centre (CPC) within 120 days after filing if you decide not to eVerify electronically.
  • This method may used when you’re choosing for offline documentation and don’t prefer any method of online services.

Can I use my net banking credentials to eVerify Income Tax Return

Yes, a lot of banks give you the option to use online banking to E-Verify your ITR. You must sign into the net banking interface of your bank and then adhere to the instructions.

What if I experience eVerify Income Tax Return problems

You can look up troubleshooting instructions on the official Income Tax Department website or call their helpline if you run into problems when using the eVerify Income Tax Return service.

After submission, is I able to modify my eVerification method

In general, an e-Verification technique cannot altered for the same ITR once selected and used. The process would need to follow appropriately.

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