EPF Claim Status Online and Mobile App to Check EPFO Claim

To check the status of your EPF withdrawal, account transfer, or name and date of birth correction request, simply log in to the UAN member portal. Our efficient and user-friendly online and mobile app process will guide you through the steps with ease.

So, the basic explanation for EPF is that a percentage of money is deducted from your salary account every month till the day of your retirement during your working with different companies, and this money is later returned to you as a retirement fund for your betterment and to make your retirement healthy.

EPF Claim Status

So there can be times when someone would like to withdraw the EPF money before the retirement date which is possible under special withdrawal circumstances where necessary paperwork is to be issued, but in both the cases of EPF withdrawal, once the processing is done you will be able to follow up in order to check EPF claim status from online as well.

EPF Claim Status

Yes, in any case of money withdrawal either special or the normal retirement the EPFO has to approve your claim of the money on the reasons required.

Sometimes this process takes 15 to 30 days as well but in the case of a retirement claim process it is done quicker, but there are times when you might not get an update on the progress and that is when you can make use of the EPF claim status checking process, so here 99employee.com can help you understand the progress of your claim.

EPF Claim Status Online

Now let me take you through the exact steps required to be followed in order to check your status for EPFO claim online through the below-mentioned guides at UAN member portal login

  1. Open UAN Portal using https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  2. Login with your details under the Member e-Seva account
  3. Click on Online Services from the top menu section
  4. Tap on the Track Claim Status option
  5. Next from the claim reference number, click on the drop-down option and select the claim number which you want to check the status for
  6. Click on the View Claim Status option

EPF Claim Status on UMANG App

UMANG app is a specially designed application from the EPFO organization for their users who can use this mobile application in order to check the claim progress easily.

  1. Open the UMANG app and then click on the EPFO option from the homepage
  2. After that click on Employee centric option and under this select Track Claim
  3. Then you need to enter your UAN, and OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number
  4. Enter the OTP and then you will be able to see all the available claim status

Can I check EPF claim status on UMANG app with UAN?

Unfortunately, no, UMANG app is based on your UAN number and without it you will not be able to check your EPFO claim status and you won’t be able to use any EPFO feature without it as well.

How can I check EPFO claim status without a UAN number?

In case if you do not have your active UAN number then you can visit the EPFO official website and then check the claim status via your EPF account details.

EPFO claim status shows settled but did not receive withdrawal money?

In cases like these, the claim status has been recently updated as settled as your withdrawal for EPF money claim has been approved, but it will take at least 7 minimum working days for the money to appear in your bank account.

EPF claim status shows payment under process, When it will be cleared?

This message appears only when your EPF claim is under process, but not completed, soon after the EPFO settlement closed (when sent to bank account), the message appears as claim settled.

Why is my EPF claim status rejected?

It is important to note that the most common reason for EPF claims to be rejected is due to incomplete KYC. To ensure that your EPF claim is not rejected, it is imperative that you update your details on both your UAN and EPFO account. This includes updating both your Aadhaar card and PAN card details. By taking these necessary steps, you can be confident that your EPF claim will be processed without any issues.

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