How to Check Jamabandi Registered Deeds in Haryana

Haryana State government does bring Jamabandi registered deeds for their citizens to check the details of their property. Also the information such as Haryana encumbrance certificate and other revenue office relation options updated in Jamabandi Haryana portal.

This portal revised for every 5 years by the revenue officers and patwari with the updated records of the land records. Any newly updated registration also updated in Jamabandi haryana portal, which helps the buyer to quickly look for records of rights of property.

This portal helps the citizens of Haryana state to quickly view their land record online via checking registered deeds. Here we bring you a quick process to check the Register Deeds form the Haryana Jamabandi official portal.

How to Check Jamabandi
How to Check Jamabandi

Haryana Jamabandi Registered Deeds Checking Process

  1. Visit The HALRIS Haryana official website using
  2. Click on Property Registration from the menu option provided
  3. Select View registered deeds and wait for page to load
  4. In Search Registered Deeds page select District from drop down
  5. Select Tehsil and then enter Registry number of document
  6. Enter the Registry date and the Dead name along with Seller name
  7. Fill the Khata number and Buyer name along with the Captcha code
  8. Once filled, click on search to fetch the records form Jamabandi

What do Haryana registered deeds consist of?

The registered deeds of a property is the document which consist of authority of the owner over the property. This document showing the dimensions, previous owner details, amount paid for property and other important information not found or clearly viewed in EC as well.

Can revenue officials provide Haryana registered deeds?

The process to get the registered deeds is all made online and the individual can also visit the breast revenue office to apply for the Haryana registered deeds through an offline process. The same deeds which are provided from Jamabandi portal will be available offline in the revenue office.

Is Haryana register deeds online chargeable?

There are no charges to check for the registered deeds on the party details provided. The Jamabandi portal only provides enough information of the previous and current registered deeds on property for your quick reference.

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