Haryana Encumbrance Certificate(EC) Online for Property Details

Property owner may download Haryana Encumbrance certificate online on priority, Find Haryana EC status after generating request ID, Check the process now…

In Haryana state, the Encumbrance Certificate issued in online from Jamabandi Haryana or at the Tehsil office and the applicant has to visit the office with all the required documents. The details in EC are from the registration office and revenue office, which contains all Record of Rights along with type of soil, remarks and if any loan on property.

Haryana Encumbrance Certificate

Haryana Encumbrance Certificate Online

Let us know the process to get the Haryana Encumbrance certificate online from official website of Haryana Jamabandi.

  1. Open official website jamabandi.nic.in
  2. Click Property Registration > Encumbrance Certificate > Apply New
  3. Provide Valid mobile number to received OTP
  4. Provide received OTP and Verify OTP
  5. Provide requesting user email and Property details on selection
  6. Click Submit to send for approval and note down request ID to proceed further
  7. Provide the valid request ID to find the status of Haryana state property EC
  8. Click Download to get the Haryana EC on Pdf format

The application status for the encumbrance certificate in Haryana state can be checked by visiting the Tehsil office, where you have submitted the application form.

Haryana Encumbrance Certificate Status Online

  1. Visit jamabandi.nic.in
  2. Tap on Property Registration > Encumbrance Certificate > View Status
  3. Enter registered mobile and Click Send OTP
  4. Provide Valid OTP and Verify
  5. Enter the Request ID and Click Check Status to find the present
  6. Click Download to save on device or print Haryana Encumbrance directly online

To apply for an Encumbrance certificate offline, there are some documents that may required which we have listed below.

  • Encumbrance Certificate application form
  • Applicant Address proof document
  • Property Address for which EC may issued
  • Survey number, patta number and document number
  • Duration of EC may required
  • Sale Deed copy of property
  • Aadhaar Card number

How to apply for Haryana EC Offline

If you want to get the Encumbrance certificate for your property, then here is the easy method which you can follow and get the EC from the registration office.

  • Locate and visit the nearest Tehsil office of your zonal area
  • You can locate form the official website of Haryana revenue department
  • Collect the application form for encumbrance certificate form office desk
  • Fill all your property details and other information as asked in form
  • Submit the Application form to authority and pay the announced fees
  • Get the receipt of payment and wait for application to process
  • The Encumbrance certificate will be ready in next 24 to 48 hours of time

Does Haryana EC contain information about existing Loans?

The Haryana Encumbrance certificate does have updates of Loans if any on the property such as mortgage, personal loan, home loan or any such type. The details listed in comments along with providing the bank name as well.

Can EC Haryana taken by anyone?

The Encumbrance certificate in Haryana may applied by anyone who has the full document and property details of the property. Only one who provides required documents correctly may allowed to get the EC from the Tehsil office.

Can the Haryana Encumbrance certificate updated anytime?

Haryana encumbrance certificate of property is the key document which only updated if any registration or change of ownership done. In no other case, any official or authorized does not allow to change the information form Haryana EC.

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